Saturday, July 5, 2014

Frustrating Blogger FAQ's

Just a quick disclaimer while I get into this post. Today I'm going to be sharing with you the struggles that many of us bloggers go through and things that I go through personally through blogging. I just wanted to make a disclaimer saying that I do love blogging and I wouldn't give it up for anything, but there are things about blogging, etc. that make me frustrated. These are just some of the common frustrating questions that I am asked as a blogger.
1. What do you blog about?
This is a question that I am so often asked and to be honest I have no particular answer. I'm usually associated with the term "fashion blog", but I don't only blog about fashion. In fact, I rarely even blog about fashion. Whenever people ask me what I blog about I usually should give them a simple answer, but it's not a simple answer. It's hard to give people a specific answer because I blog about different/random things. 

2. Do you make money?
This is another common question that I don't have a specific answer to. I do make some money via shop sense, etc. But, people are always like oh, so you make a lot of money? And it's confusing for me to answer this question. The majority of people that ask me this aren't bloggers so they don't understand the whole shopstyle/rewardstyle affiliation. I tell them that I make money via links on my blog, but this leads them to believe that I'm making a ton of money from my blog. Then, they always ask me if I have ads and I respond no. They always want to know why I don't, but again it's a complicated answer. It's not a simple task to advertise/make money on your blog.

3. So how many followers do you have?
This is another complicated question. There are followers via email, bloglovin, google friend connect and just ghost readers. I can't tell you how many blogs I read before I even realized you could actually follow them. On Blogger you can see how many views each post received, but these down mean all that much because they change on the daily. 

4. What's your blog called?
This shouldn't be a difficult question for me to answer, it's just the explanation that is frustrating. When I first started Preppy Daily the name was a no brainer. Everyone knew that I dressed quite preppy so it made sense. When Seersucker + Stripes came along I was constantly asked questions about what a seersucker is. Let's just say seersucker is not huge thing in the midwest. Now with A Sprinkle of Kate some people are just generally confused by the name even though it's quite simple. 

Anyways, I love blogging, but these are just the questions that I constantly get that bother me. 

If you're a blogger, what questions are you constantly asked?

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