Monday, July 28, 2014

Lilly Agendas

I am not looking forward to this school year. Well, that's a lie. I always look forward to starting fresh and making new friends and just the fall in general. But, this is my junior year and I'm nervous for what's going to come with it. School is already stressful enough, but junior year is sure going to be difficult. To prepare for the year I've gotta be ready for lots of organization so an agenda is NECESSARY. 

I personally just love using agendas because they are super cute and a great way to stay organized. I'm going to be using two this year! I probably don't need them both, but whatever. I ordered a Lilly one, but it was free because my Lilly one from last year fell apart right after getting it. The other one was a gift from the swag bag at the Smart Girls Conference! So, might as well use them both since I didn't pay for either one! Yay for free things!!!

Here are some of the cutest Lilly agendas! Leave a comment below letting me know if you wanna see a post on how I organize my planner because I'd love to do one! ;)

Lilly Agendas!

Jellies Be Jammin // Biggest Fan // Tusk in Sun // Hot Spot

Shop more agendas below!


  1. Good luck on junior year, Katelyn! I would love to see a agenda post. :)

    xx, Julianna {}

    1. Thank you, I'll need it! And I'm working on one now! Yay!


  2. Good luck! Junior year is difficult but you can definitely make it through!! I actually did a whole blog post on a tell-all about junior year if you want to read it, maybe it will help prepare you for what's to come:
    xoxo, Jamie