Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Room Inspo + I'm Moving?

If you read the title you might be thinking that I'm moving, like legit moving away or something. But, no! I may/may not be moving rooms! I currently reside in my room at the back of the house with my own little wing of the home. I have a bathroom right off the door from my room, but it is shared with my brother. I've had the offer to move up to my sister's room in the attic, but I'm not sure what I should do! If I moved up there I'd definitely still have my own space, but I'm not so sure I love the idea of living in an attic. 

One thing that makes me really want to move up there is re-doing my room a bit. I re-did my room in eighth grade, but in all honestly I should have waited until high school. A lot of things change between middle school and high school including my taste in interiors. If I was to move up to the attic I would definitely be doing a bit of construction with my design. My current room is turquoise and has turquoise PB Teen floral bedding. I was thinking something along the lines of mint, gold, white and pink/blue or something like that for my future color scheme if I was to move. I'm not sure exactly what I want, but I'm so intrigued with the design process that it makes me want to move up to the attic more and more each day. Check out some of my current favorite room designs! Comment below any color schemes that you love for some inspiration for me!

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