Monday, July 7, 2014

Tips For Happiness

Let me just say this, I am not a happy person. Ask anyone and they'll say that I'm quite negative and usually pretty angry. But, I've been wandering around Pinterest recently looking for motivation to be happy and love my life. I've come up with a few key things that I need to start doing/incorporating into my life. 

+1. sleep well // I cannot even stress this enough. We all know that when we don't get enough sleep we are tired and cranky. When you sleep an ample amount you are refreshed and ready to go for the next day. During the school year it's quite impossible to get a lot of sleep, but in the summer I have no excuse. If I'm up late it's by choice because I have the time and I can stay up. Also, getting on a sleep schedule is important. Try to go to sleep around the same time every night and wake up the same time every day. This is a little unrealistic during the school year, but aim for getting the same amount of sleep every night (and hopefully make it a good 6-8 hours at least). 

+2. work out & eat well // We all know (or we all should know) that working out releases endorphins and these make you happier. Yet, I am always struggling to actually get myself to the gym or outside for a little exercise. Personally I need to start doing different styles of workouts and figure out something that I enjoy. I hate running and am absolutely horrible at it, but I love dancing so I ought to give zumba a try! Eating well is another important element into being happy. I always find myself feeling more energized and happier when I'm eating healthy and nutritious foods that are fueling my body and not just making me fatter.

+3. do things you love // Take the time to pursue your dreams and do things you actually enjoy. For me this includes blogging, shopping (although I should be saving my money -- shopping makes me happy), or dancing. Always leave yourself time for the things you are passionate about because those are the things that make life more enjoyable for you.

+4. stop comparing yourself // This is something I constantly struggle with and I really just need to stop. We are all different and beautiful in our own ways and we all have our own gifts and talents. There is always going to be someone that may be in competition with you (or you feel you are in competition with), but we all should focus on bettering on ourselves. My dad always says "control the controllable" and you can only control yourself and not others. I guarantee if you stop comporting yourself to others and not care with people think you will be so much happier.

+5. be adventurous // There are so many moments in life where you can either be boring and sit around, but if you change things into adventures life can be so much more exciting and fun if you are adventurous and a little wild sometimes.

What are your tips for happiness?

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