Monday, July 21, 2014

Tips To Wake Up, Sleepyhead

I am most definitely not a morning person. Hit that snooze button twenty times please! I always wake up the latest possible time for me to get ready (or I just get ready super fast!). I love sleeping in and waking up around 11 am to start my day. But, I've been nannying recently and I have to be there by 6:30 am. They only live down the block from me, but those are the wee morning hours. I've found that waking up earlier is actually better for me because I get so much more done in a day. But, in general it's a difficult task to wake up early, but there are tips to wake up happier and easier!

+1. pump up the tunes

Jamming out to music in the morning is the perfect way to get your day going, especially if it's upbeat. Turn on some throwback Cheetah Girls and Jo Bro's and you'll be dancing around in no time. It's a great way to get you up and at em (and in a better mood)!

+2. don't hit the snooze

You're better off just getting up right when you're alarm goes on because hitting the snooze tricks your brain and you're not going to fall into your deep sleep that you were in pre-alarm. Also, you're going to wake up more tired than you woke up before! I love using my sleep cycle app to perfectly time me when to wake up. It senses your sleeping patterns and wakes you up when you are in your lightest sleep so you wake up better.

+3. plan something fun

Usually I (we) have school, jobs or commitments and that is the purpose to waking up. But, if you're looking for motivation to wake up on the weekends, plan something fun. My gal Ava suggested we get up early one Saturday and go to yoga downtown. It was so worth waking up early because we went to the yoga early and then went out to breakfast. There was still so much time left in the day that I felt I used the day to the fullest.

+4. get some food + water

There was a time in my life when I would actually get up and eat a delicious breakfast every day before school. I can't say I still do this anymore, but there was something nice about getting up and cooking myself some eggs or something before school. I was actually motivated to get out of bed just because I knew there was food in my future. If you're not much of a morning eater, be sure to drink some water right when you get up to get your system going!

With that said, hope you're having a wonderful morning or afternoon/evening for all you sleepyheads.

How do you wake up early in the morning?



  1. This is such a nice post Kate! Love the image and great tips :)


  2. I love this image! I definitely need to get better at waking up - I usually have to drag myself out of bed on weekdays for work :( I think the key to me waking up better is going to be waking up earlier to fit some of these tips in, but than means giving up on some of my precious sleep!

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