Tuesday, July 22, 2014

What I'd Do Differently

I've talked so much about how amazing my trip to NYC was and let's get that down; it was amazing. I loved it! But, there were a few things that I'd wish I'd done differently while in New York City. These are just things I wish to change for the next trip that I go somewhere to make the vacation even more enjoyable!

+1. plan more

I always go into trips having things planned for me usually (my parents). When it came to New York, however, the trip was up to me. I was the one that initiated the trip and my mom said that we could do pretty much anything I wanted to. Needless to say I should have spent months planning and thinking of what I wanted to do while in the city. What didn't I do: plan. I barely even thought about planning and I just thought, "well, I'll figure it out when I get there". This is classic me. It was nice having leniency to the trip, but I wish I would have googled some fun restaurants or dessert places before hand so we had some things scheduled in.

+2. communicated with others

I met plenty of bloggers just via the conference itself, but I wish I had scheduled to actually do things with some other bloggers. I didn't even come to think of this, but I wish I would have spent some more time outside of the conference getting to know my fellow bloggers. I did get to meet many at the conference, but there wasn't much time for talking during the conference. Next time--if there is an next time (you'll bet I'll be there) I will definitely talk to bloggers ahead of time and plan to meet up and hang out with them.

+3. go with the flow

I'm usually a pretty easygoing person with my friends, but for some reason in New York if we weren't doing what I wanted I was getting annoyed. I should have just gone with what we were doing and made the most of everything we were doing (because honestly everything we did was fun), but of course I was a brat and only wanted to do what I wanted. 

+4. be a tourist

I hate doing touristy things the majority of the time, but in a place like NY there is just so much to do. The first time you go there I feel like you have to do some of the touristy things just so you see everything. I was totally against being a tourist, but I regret it a bit because we could really have seen everything this way. Let me just say we were everywhere in New York City, but I shouldn't complain because I really like being a tourist in my own town just because it's fun ha ha. 


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