Wednesday, July 23, 2014

When Summer Gets Boring

I LOVE summer! What's not to love about relaxing by the pool, chilling with friends and winding down with a bonfire at night? Nothing! But, as the summer comes to a close sometimes there's a bit of a lull in the action. I often will find myself just staying inside and watching TV or surfing around on my laptop, when really there are so many things to do! It's summer and the possibilities are endless. Fear not! I've compiled a list of some fun and different things to do!

+try a new fitness class; yoga is one of my faves, but I've been dying to try zumba!

+go for a picnic with your friends // stock up on yummy foods and sweet treats

+explore a part of your city or neighborhood that you've never been to before; if your town is small then explore the towns next to yours!

+read a book :: lay by the pool and enjoy your story (or summer reading book because we all know that happens at the end of the summer) or if the weather is bad stay indoors

+have a photoshoot; my cousin Carls and I love to take my camera and find cool locations to take photos :: you don't even need a nice camera to do this, just use your phone!

+host a tea party // this might sound so lame, but trust me it's fun! Invite some of your gals over and drink tea and have fun cookies, cakes & mini sandwiches

+plan something for the future :: if you aren't feeling like doing anything today, plan something for the future: a fun girls night out, a sleepover with friends, a bonfire next week, the possibilities are endless! 

+ get sh*t done // if you can't think of anything to do you might as well get things done; clean your room, organize something, do something productive!

What do you do when summer gets boring?


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