Wednesday, August 13, 2014

4 Pinterest Accounts to Follow

Pinterest is my guilty pleasure. I might even like it more than instagram (OMG!). It's such a great place to collect your ideas, look for inspiration or just explore! Whenever I'm searching for ideas for a blog post Pinterest is my go-to. The best tip to making Pinterest your absolute favorite website ever is to follow people that pin fab things! I can't tell you how bad my old Pinterest account was because I was following all the wrong people. I thought that I should be following people that I knew (like instagram), but in reality you should be following people with fabulous taste. These are my top favorite Pinterest accounts.
 PB Teen // Not only is PB Teen my go-to place for anything and everything interior design, they also have a killer Pinterest account. Aside from the fact that they pin the greatest design ideas for different rooms, in addition they pin the best DIY's ever! Their blog The Style House is also too fab!
 KJP // If you follow Kiel James Patrick on instagram you know just how amazing he is. He is the classiest and most fabulous dresser and is always looking dapper. His Pinterest of course reflects this and there are also pins of his fiancee Sarah Vickers and her style is to die for.
 Glitter Guide // I'm seriously addicted to the Glitter Guide website in general and their Pinterest is absolutely perfect. They pin the majority of their images from their site and it's perfect for inspiration for everything! 
Undeniable Report // Headed by the very tasteful Frannie the Undeniable Pinterest account is killer. I seriously repin pretty much everything that I see from it! It's so eye catching!

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  1. I love Pintrest too. It's really great social media site,especially for inspiration. Thanks for a few accounts to check out-lovely post!