Friday, August 22, 2014

Falling into Autumn

It's almost that time of year again! I am so eager for fall this year just because I'm excited to wear comfy, warm clothes! I'm all about leggings, vests and boots! I've seen quite a few bloggers share their favorite fall pins and I thought I should do the same. Stay tuned for more posts regarding fall outfits, recipes and everything in between!
 I wouldn't mind if I had Kiel James Patrick/Sarah Vickers/all their friends sweater collection! Look at how fun their printed sweaters are! Swoon!
 Something about the fall just screams Starbucks (or maybe that is just the common white girl in me).  Maybe this year I'll branch out from my classic caramel apple spice!
 I'm in dire need of some bean boots this year and I'm determined to get them! They would be the perfect addition to my fall ensemble!
 Omg caramel apples! I'm so excited for these! And just apples in general! Honeycrisp apples are the epitome of perfection in the fall!
How fun is this bucket list? I probably won't do a few of these things, but a lot of them sound like a ton of fun! Especially watching Hocus Pocus -- it's my favorite Halloween movie!



  1. Those Carmel apples look delish! I'm ready for fall too-love that bucket list as well.


    1. Carmel apples are so good! And the list is so fun!

  2. I will definitely be looking into getting some Bean Boots too! It is ridiculous how fast the sell out!

    Prep on a Budget

  3. I'm so pumped for hot drinks from Starbucks as the weather gets colder - it's my favourite part of fall!

    Lifestyle In The Clouds