Monday, August 11, 2014

How I Wear My Hair

I am one of those people that is usually pretty lazy when it comes to hair. Occasionally I'll put forth the effort to straighten it, but it never seems worth it to me. I wanted to share my every day hairstyles that I usually wear. Let me just say that I can either love/hate my hair on a day to day basis. Some days I wake up and my hair just looks fabulous, but other days it looks so horrible that I just want to crawl into a hole. I'm currently contemplating getting my hair cut (and/or colored) so we'll see how much longer my hair actually looks like this haha!
 Straight // This picture is from a while ago (as you can probably tell) because my hair is way lighter and way shorter. I had recently gotten a haircut and started using blonde shampoo because my hair was too dark for my liking. I straighten my hair not that often just because it's so much work, but I do love the way that it looks when it's straightened!
 Side Braid // Probably my most worn hairstyle is a side braid. It is so easy for any bad hair day! I just throw it into a messy braid--oops I don't even brush it. I definitely wear my hair in a side braid too often but #sorrynotsorry.
 With a Cap // One of my favorite ways to wear my hair! I love baseball caps so much like they are my favorite things ever. I own quite a few, but I think I should buy more. This is one of my favorite hats because it is so broken in. When I wear my hair with a baseball cap I like to just wear it down. Is it weird I sleep in baseball caps? It makes my hair dry better!
Au Natural // Like I said I'm probably the laziest person ever so I tend to wear this hairstyle all the time. It's a struggle to wear my natural though because some days it looks absolutely disgusting. This was one of my better hair days clearly.

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  1. I definitely an all natural girl too Kate! I hardly ever do anything with my hair!

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