Friday, August 8, 2014

Instagram vs. Reality

I've seen countless posts with this topic and I thought it was too fun not to post about! Instagram is one of those places where you want all your pictures to be eye candy, but usually the actual picture does not capture what was actually happening. It seems as though every blogger that posts has this perfect life and everything is so organized, but through these posts I've managed to see that this isn't usually the case! Here's a few of my pictures and what was really happening.

 Instagram...It's time for bed and I'm just sleeping with a perfect braid draped on my sheets and wearing some cute pajamas.
Reality...It took me 20 pictures to actually get this one right. I had to re-do my braid to make it look nice and put on some pearls to make the picture cuter. After about 10 pictures I finally got my pillow in the right spot, but I had to adjust my braid way too many times.
 Instagram...I was just out for an evening stroll with my favorite purse and my camera. I happened to walk by some pretty flowers so I thought it'd be a quick Instagram photo.
Reality...In NYC we walked about 2 miles to get to our restaurant and I was exhausted. I took this photo 30 times while we were walking, but finally found a candid location. I took a bunch of photos before I could get the focus right and actually get my purse and camera in the shot. By the time I was finished I had to chase after my sister and mom to catch up with them.
 Instagram...Casually dining at Tavern on the Green and the bread and menu looked too pretty not to take photo. 
Reality...I took a business card at the restaurant when we walked in knowing I would want it for an Instagram photo. Once the waiter brought us bread I wouldn't allow anyone to eat any until I finished getting the perfect photo and it took about 30 tries.
 Instagram...Just casually taking a photo of my OOTD and showing off my sunglasses.
Reality...This was my first Instagram post for @sprinklesofkate and I had no idea what I was doing. It took me at least 40 photos to actually get the right one and get my entire outfit in it. Also I felt the need to adjust my hair perfectly to get it in the photo.
Instagram...I bought some cute new cards and wanted to show them off to my followers.
Reality...I've bought so many cards in the past week that it's ridiculous, but here's more to add to the collection! Behind the picture is a calendar, but I needed something pretty with some gold. I had to erase some of the writing on the calendar so that you wouldn't see it too.

This post was so fun. What us bloggers will do to get the perfect Instagram is too crazy.



  1. Haha the truth about Instagram though! Love the one about the flower!

    Prep on a Budget

    1. The truth is finally out haha and thanks!

  2. Haha this is such a great post, so true!

    Nathalie | She Wears Prep

    1. Thank you! OMG it was so refreshing to read a bunch of these posts and realize I'm not the only one!

  3. Love this post!

    And all of your photos are lovely - totally worth the effort.

    Lifestyle In The Clouds

  4. Oh my goodness, I love this post. I need to do this as well haha :D