Monday, August 18, 2014

White on White (featuring eShakti)

I'm a huge fan of the monochromatic outfit. All black, yes. All white, yes please! I think monochromatic outfits are so chic and they look so put together even though you can pair anything together when you go with all one color. I'd stick to black and white though. I've been loving these white jeans this summer as well because they go with everything! I've always loved the look of white jeans, but I thought that if I bought some I'd never wear them. I was wrong though because I love wearing these! This top is so perfect as well! The pom pom detailing, swoon! I was contacted by eShakti and fell in love with their site once I peeked around. The coolest thing about their website is that every item is totally customizable. I'm tall so it's great to be able to find pieces that will be long enough for me. Also you are free to customize the cut, sleeve length or overall length of the piece. If you're totally into the v-neck you can have your piece cut that way. If you wanted this top, but with longer sleeves, feel free to customize! Please check out their website because it's so unique and there are so many fun pieces! Check out the way I styled my new favorite top from them in a whiteout look!

*Fun fact: my friend and I actually went into the woods to shoot this outfit post, but it was super muddy and my shoes got all ruined so that's why you can't see them in the pictures. Or the bottom of my jeans because they were covered in mud!

PS :: I cut my hair! It's way shorter so stay tuned for a post coming soon abut my hair!