Friday, August 15, 2014

Why I Blog

I feel like I don't do enough posts where I'm just talking about life and you, the readers, get to know me! I wanted to share with you a more personal post today and give you insight into why I blog. It's no surprise that blogging is a ton of fun, but clearly there's a lot of work that goes into it so why do I blog?

The main reason why I blog is to connect with others. I never really thought about this when I first started blogging because I didn't think I'd actually have any readers. Now that I do it's amazing to see people comment, talk to me on instagram or tweet me. Overall from blogging I've met so many amazing people (many thanks to the Smart Girls Summit last summer). Connecting with people through blogging can be a bit odd just because you don't formally know the person you have "met". It's still an internet relationship so it's hard to totally get to know a person. But once you meet them in real life it's such an amazing connection. 

I remember when I was going to the Smart Girls Summit and had emailed a few fellow bloggers telling them that I was so excited to meet them IRL! I was telling some of my friends about one blogger in particular, Anna, and they were asking me if I was nervous to meet her. I quickly responded no, but then I asked myself if I actually should be nervous. I realized that I had never met Anna before and I didn't know what she would be like exactly. Clearly we had a lot in common and we bonded over similar things online, but we never made a connection in real life. When it actually came to meeting her I soon saw that I had nothing to worry about because things were not awkward whatsoever and we were fast friends. I'm so glad that I've made amazing friendships through blogging and I can say that some of my best friends are girls that I have met from blogging.

As well as meeting other fabulous people, I blog because I want somewhere to explain myself.  I'm typically extremely quiet the majority of school. Most of my friends would say I'm outgoing around them, but that's mainly because I'm comfortable around them because I've known them forever. In school, however, I'm pretty reserved and I like to have somewhere to express myself. I know it sounds cheesy, but it's true! My blog is my place to say what I want, share my ideas and just be myself. That's why sometimes I get offended when people are constantly shoving ideas at me about what I should blog about. I like to have my blog just be mine (I was a selfish child) and be allowed to post whatever I want.

I like to have my blog be my place to be creative and share my opinions, ideas and outlook on pretty much everything. I love sharing the latest (preppy) styles, outfits and my personal lifestyle. I'd be lying if I said that I don't look forward to posting every night. I usually stay up until midnight just for my post to go live so I can take a look at it and see how things look. I've become pretty obsessed with blogging since I began and I can't help but be proud of what I post every day (well most days I'm proud).

Now that you see why I blog, you might be curious to start one too! If you're looking to start a blog (which I highly recommend) feel free to email me for help! Also, stay tuned for a blogging for beginners post! Also, let me know if you like these more personal style posts. I want your feedback!



  1. This is a fun post Kate, thanks for sharing!!


  2. I love this post so much! It is so true that you can't start blogging because of the readers, you have to LOVE it!


    1. Exactly! Because the majority of blogs aren't going to have readers for a while!