Tuesday, September 30, 2014

4 DIY's for Fall

I actually can't believe it's almost October! It's insane to think how quickly this school year is flying by! I feel like it was just summer and we are still just starting school! I think once October approaches it will finally feel like fall. There have been a few chilly days here in Chicago, but nothing too crazy. Usually it's freezing in the morning, but by lunchtime it's hot! Dressing for the weather is usually extremely difficult because of this. Anyways, these are four DIY's that I thought would be fun for the fall! These are all pretty easy and don't involve too many supplies!

Also, let me know if you're liking my new graphics! I'm really trying to improve on blog graphics and I'm always trying to please my readers :)

Hanging Glitter Leaves // I haven't been able to find the actual tutorial for these leaves, but they are just too cute I had to share! What I did find was the basics on how to make these. You find leaves from whatever tree you wish and you dip them into melted wax. Once they are partially hardened (but still sticky) sprinkle gold, orange or brown glitter on top! You may want to add a hole punch either before or after if you want to hang them with string! How cute are these?!

Gold Leaf Pumpkins // For these all you need is a few pumpkins and some gold paint! Feel free to get more creative with different patterns rather than just painting the entire thing gold. These are super simple, yet so fun and creative. I think painting a bunch of little pumpkins gold and having them on display would be super cute too!

Gold Leaf Place Cards // Again, all you need for this is gold paint! A gold paint pen would also work well. Paint any leaves you find with the gold paint and wait for them to dry. Once dry use a black sharpie or art pen to write a name on the leaf. If you know calligraphy that's even better (I definitely want to learn)!

Book Covers // I couldn't find the exact tutorial for this one either, but it doesn't seem too complicated. Use brown paper to cover your favorite books. Using a precision paint pen (shown in white above) design the covers however you like! I love the simplistic look shown above. Again, knowing calligraphy would only help make these look even more fabulous!

Which DIY is your favorite?



  1. What cute DIYs! My favorite is definitely the gold pumpkins!

    Ellen | A Pop of Pink

    1. Thanks! I love those too! I definitely will make those this year! Thank you for your comment!

      Xo, Katelyn //