Thursday, September 25, 2014

Easy Ways to Get Healthy

I'm trying to get on a health kick because I've been so so so bad about eating/being healthy lately. It came to the point that I was eating Ben & Jerry's every single night. The reason behind my binges were always related to stress, but I'm really trying to improve my eating habits currently. Along with that, it's always good to try and workout more and just be healthy in general! These are my super easy  tips for the lazy girl that wants to be healthy.

1. Don't drink your calories // I've definitely a sucker for a San Pelligrino or a Sprite, but sticking to water can amazingly benefit your health. In soda, sports drinks, etc. there are just empty calories that you don't need. Having those drinks are a nice treat, but only every once in a while!

2. Eat a healthy breakfast // I've been so bad about eating out (almost every day) and it just needs to stop. Whenever I pack a lunch with healthy foods I'm always more satisfied anyways. It's sometimes a little time consuming to make a great lunch, but trust me it's worth it.

3. Do mini workouts // If working out isn't your thing there are super easy ways to stay fit. Do a few crunches during commercial breaks while watching your favorite shows. Do some calf raises while waiting for your shower to heat up. Take a look at this this video for some easy inspiration on workouts for lazy people.

4. Get some sleep // This is perfect for the lazy girl because who doesn't want more sleep? It might seem impossible to get ample amount of sleep during the school week, but time management is so important so that you can get your rest in. Sleeping will make you overall physically and mentally healthy!

5. Drink water before every meal & in general // Before you eat any meal, drink a large cold glass of water. This can help fill you up so you avoid overeating later. In general, drinking more water will also help your health. Bring a water bottle to school and it will help you drink more water throughout the day.

What are your lazy girl health tips?



  1. I love this post Katelyn! I agree with everything, especially not drinking empty calories (although, once and a while, a San Pellegrino is necessary!). Great post girl!

    1. Thank you! Caroline you are so much healthier than I am, but I'm so glad you enjoyed this post! Miss you!

  2. Great post! I'm a huge fan of doing mini workouts as study breaks

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