Monday, September 15, 2014

Operation Inbox

For all of my fellow bloggers out there it is a constantly struggle to keep your inbox completely empty, am I right? Emails are constantly flowing into your inbox and it seems impossible to always keep your inbox empty. I especially tend to let them pile up and then eventually go through them all, but I've been becoming more efficient with keeping my inbox clean!

1. Unsubscribe
There are so many random emails that I we've all subscribed to (often accidentally) that are crowding up our inbox. These may be from colleges, stores, organizations, etc. As a first step to clearing your inbox, unsubscribe from all of those junk emails. Keep the ones you want to get (for me it's J.Crew and Lilly Pulitzer), but it's so annoying when you're constantly getting emails from people/places that you don't care about. Also unsubscribe from notifications from twitter, tumor and all other social media that you don't wish to receive. They just add clutter! Use to help clear your inbox from all your subscriptions! You'll me surprised at how many you're subscribed to!

2. Only Open If You Will Respond
Sometimes I can be the worst at responding to emails just because I forget to respond. If you open an email and read it and don't have the time to respond or doing feel like responding just flag the email, or mark it as unread to later remind yourself to read/respond to it later.

3. Delete/Archive Junk
If you're always keeping every single email it's going to get too cluttered and become difficult to find things. If you get an email and you may need it later, archive it. If you know you're never going to read it ever again or it's just junk, delete it. It'll save you so much space and time when you're searching for something!

4. Keep All Emails on Your Phone + Get Notifications
For a while I didn't connect my email to my phone and just kept it on my computer, but once I made the switch my life was so much easier. It was great to respond to emails on the go, especially when they only required a quick response. Set your phone to receive the emails automatically as the come in also so you don't have to go to your inbox and update it. I have three emails that I regularly use and I keep two of them on my phone for easy access (the other one I can't figure out how to get it on my phone ha ha). 

5. Make a Junk Email {Extra Tip}
If you're constantly shopping online and always having to give out your email for things, make a separate junk email account for all of these junk emails. My original email address (and another one I made in fifth grade) are both just junk email accounts that I never go on, but they store all of the emails that are absolute junk. I'm pretty sure the inbox of the original email address is about 22,000 at this point.



  1. great post Kate, very good tips!

    Nathalie | THE COVETING

  2. that website, unroll, is too handy! great post!

    grace |

  3. Definitely great tips! I always try my best to follow number two because otherwise emails end up unanswered for days or weeks :/

    Mina | Cream Coloured Ponies