Friday, September 19, 2014

The Importance of Handwritten Notes

I'm an avid writer I'd say, especially when it comes to sending letters. I always get so excited when I get anything in the mail and especially when it's handwritten letters. If you're looking to be pen pals feel free to email me {}! Today I'm sharing the reason why I think handwritten notes are so so so important.

1. Handwritten notes are genuine. It's always more personal when someone actually writes you a letter rather than just sending an email or text. Although texting and emailing are usually the easy route I think sending letters are much more personal and sentimental. It gives you a chance to communicate with someone in a more formal way, and show your personal style through fun greeting cards!

2. People appreciate them. Whenever I receive a handwritten note from someone I so appreciate the fact that they wrote it for me. Sending an email is all too easy and there's no effort involved. The fact that someone took the time to write a letter, spend money on stamps and go to a mailbox and mail it makes me appreciate them so much!

3. It's common courtesy! If you're not totally into snail mail and writing letters for fun I know I can convince you on this aspect. It is common courtesy to write a letter to someone whether it be a thank you note, sympathy letter, or birthday card. These are the things you should be sending to people! Some people are not about sending letters just for kicks (although I'm not sure why...), but those types of letters mentioned above should always be sent to people.


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