Tuesday, October 28, 2014

The Bean Boot Guide

As I've mentioned before I wear my bean boots like crazy. Currently in Chicago it's been around 70 degrees (what?!) so I haven't been wearing them totally recently, but as it cools down I'll bring them back out. I'm so glad that I decided to purchase bean boots as I have been hesitant to order them for a while. I receive so many compliments when I wear them and other people always ask me about them because they want to buy them too! If you're debating about purchasing I suggest you go right ahead because you won't be disappointed! However, there are a few things you need to consider when purchasing your bean boots. Here's my bean boot guide!

+1. Pick your height
The height of the boot determines how far the boot reaches on your calf. I chose the 8 inch boots because I live in a pretty snowy climate and I wanted to be able toe easily tuck jeans or pants into the boots. I debated purchasing the 6 inch boots and I think I would have liked those just the same, but the 8 inch seemed a bit more practical.

6 inch // Perfect for fall wear. They reach to a little above your ankle, but still work well with jeans (usually cuffed). 

8 inch // Easy for fall and winter wear. Reach about 2 inches above your ankle and pants/jeans can be easily tucked in. 

10 inch // Perfect for a snowy climate. These boots are made for walking and walking in all terrain. These will act as snow boots for the winter!

+2. Pick your color
I opted for classic navy because I'm a firm believer in #navyornothing. I truly didn't even debate getting the tan ones, but I've seen the tan ones and they are still super cute. If you wear black often or plan on pairing your bean boots with a black ensemble tan may be your pick. I'm totally about mixing navy and black though!

Those are the two main determining factors of picking out your bean boots, but if you check out L.L. Bean they usually have a few seasonal styles of the bean boots that tend to be super cute!

Do you have bean boots?



  1. Great post Kate! I really want a pair of Bean Boots but Hunters are at the top of my list at the moment! Will definitely be investing in them at some point!


    1. Hunter boots are totally essential too! Both pairs are definitely worth the investment! Xo!

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