Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Easy Ways to Cozy Your Room for Fall

This year I've been trying to get the full experience of fall. If that means constantly wearing sweaters, boots and scarves so be it! But, I've really been cozying up my room recently to get in the "fall spirit". My sister actually came in my room the other night and said that my room was "magical" because it was so fall-ish. These are my top ways to cozy your room for the fall!

+1. Light a candle // Currently I have a Bath & Body works pumpkin apple candle burning in my room and let me just say it smells heavenly. It is the perfect scent for fall! It never seems overwhelming to me just because it smells so good! Another fall favorite is the leaves candle from B&BW.

+2. Have a virtual fire // Not going to lie my family laughs at me for having a virtual fire when we have a real fireplace, but I don't care. I love using this virtual fireplace to set the tone in my room. It even has crackling noises! It's honestly so peaceful when you are just relaxing!

+3. Add some cozy blankets & pillows // One of the best ways to get in the fall spirit is to redecorate your room a bit. Add in a few fun fall pillows and throw a fun warm blanket on top of your bed to make your room feel more cozy.

+4. Dim the lights // To be honest I only really like using the lamp in my room and not my normal overhead light. I think the overhead light is sometimes a bit too harsh and not very relaxing. For a while I had christmas lights in my room and I loved using those in my room!

What are your favorite ways to cozy your room for fall?



  1. Hi Kate. I just wanted to say I love this post, it makes me what to make my room all cozy and light a candle. Another thing is that I really love your blog! (ps we have the same name "Katelyn", what a coincidence lol)

    xoxo, Katie

    1. I'm glad you liked this post and that you love my blog! It's so funny we have the same name! Thanks for your comment! Xo!

  2. Electric candles are an excellent option if you're in the dorms or can't have candles for whatever reason.

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