Monday, November 17, 2014

Links I'm Loving

How fun are these donuts? They're reminding me of That's So Raven...haha!

I haven't done one of these types of posts in forever. This weekend wasn't even hectic for me, yet of course I managed to get nothing done. I have some fun things coming soon on the blog though so definitely stay tuned for that! Here are some links that I've been loving recently!

+I just got a package from Marley Lilly in the mail the other day with some fun goodies! Stay tuned for an exciting post with some of their products! If you haven't checked out their website please go right now, especially if you're a lover of monograms!!!

+Started your holiday gift shopping? Pick something special for everyone on your list with the J.Crew Gift Guide! I'm obsessed with pretty much everything and almost my entire Christmas list is from J.Crew...

+Currently everything from J.Crew Factory is 40-60% off and I'm in heaven! I'm seriously loving this adorable llama sweater

+I've been totally stressing about college recently and I loved reading this article from The Undeniable Report about college admissions

+This blog post by Bess is absolutely incredible! Seriously, it's a must read about the gendered world of fashion blogging!

+Feeling a little bit nostalgic I thought it was fun revisiting my two previous blogs Seersucker & Stripes and Preppy Daily. It's actually pretty hilarious what I used to blog about two years ago, why was I so obsessed with talking about Gossip Girl characters haha? If you're bored and want to dig through the archives, feel free!

Friday, November 14, 2014

Blogger Outfits to Check Out

I'm all for supporting other blogs and I have a continual blogroll that I read daily (see that list on my FAQ page). I love to see how other bloggers style their own outfits with their personal touch. Here are a few of my favorites from this week.

 I am obsessed with how Kate from A Lonestar State of Southern styled her adorable Devon Maryn crop leggings! Seriously too cute! Who says you can't look great while working out?
 Of course Sarah Vickers via Classy Girls Wear Pearls looks absolutely perfect, per usual. I'm actually obsessed with this coat! It's perfect for fall and although it has a pop of red to it, it's still very neutral with the navy color.
 Fran from The Blonde Prep looks fabulous styling a simple flannel shirt. I'll admit I've come to love flannel shirts because they are super comfy, warm and easy to pull together. I love her styling with bean boots and a J.Crew field jacket! So adorable!
Can we please just talk about how adorable Bess from Belles in Bows is? She's seriously too cute! I love that striped vest and I love her styling with a simple long sleeve tee and jeans. And her scenery is too pretty!

What blogger outfits are you loving?

Thursday, November 13, 2014

Style Feature :: Jane

I've only done one of these "style features" before, but I think they're super fun and add a little diversity to my site. Y'all already know what my style is like, but here's a taste of someone else's style!

Meet Jane! 

Describe your style in 3 words.
Comfortable, diverse, and very meI'm sort of all over the place, and my style definitely reflects that. 

What is your most worn piece of clothing?
To be honest, I have a lot of clothes. Out of all those clothes, however, there is probably about 20% that I actually like and wear. I am a firm believer in denim so my most worn pieces are probably Levi's cut-offs or American Eagle skinny jeans. Classic.

Who are your style icons?
Aside from Serena and Blair, I do not necessarily have any famous "style icons". To be honest, I really admire the style of two of my best friends. The lovely Katelyn, of course, always looks fabulous and like she walked out of a J.Crew catalog. My friend Mary Grace and I have a bit more similar of a style, and I love her daringness and just want to steal everything she wears!

Where are your favorite places to shop?
If I could, I would not only shop at, but live in Anthropologie. I also love/lust over Free People and J.Crew. I am also a huge fan of cute little boutiques and the occasional thrift store adventure. 

When did you discover your personal style?
Oh wow, that is a loaded question. I have always loved clothes and dressing up, as I am sure Katelyn could attest to. I think my lack of one definite style is very me and that, in itself, is my "personal style". 

Do you tend to follow trends or stick to our own ideas of what's trendy?
I would not consider myself a trend-follower nor trendsetter. I am not the hugest fan of fast fashion and I like to think I would stick to my own idea of "trendy," whether or not anyone else agrees.

What is your go-to piece?
My go-to piece would have to be a funny t-shirt. As fashionable as I try to be, I will always be satisfied in a dorky and comfortable t-shirt.

What are your favorite accessories?
Who doesn't love to accessorize? In the summer, you can catch me rocking a super chic wrist tan from the stacks of bracelets my friends and I slaved over making. I also love subtle necklaces or really loud statement necklaces! My all time favorite accessory would have to be the Cape Cod screwball bracelet. So simple and special, I never take mine off!

What's your favorite mantra regarding style?
At the end of the day, it all comes back to the one and only Tim Gunn. Honestly, "make it work." As cheesy as it sounds, I think this little saying is so applicable to life. If something makes you happy, do it, own it! That could not be more true to fashion!

Are you loving Jane's style? I definitely am! And you cannot even argue with the fact that her hair is absolutely perfect! It's so long and pretty!

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Kate Spade X Gap Kids

I was exploring the Gap website and stumbled upon the newest collection Kate Spade X Gap Kids. I was instantly obsessed with the collection and it made me wish I was a little kid again so I could wear all of these adorable clothes! I'm seriously obsessed with this gold glitter satchel and how fun it is! And I'm seriously loving that the majority of the collection is pink & navy and printed with bows! Who says these products are just for kids?

Seriously how cute is this collection?

Shop my favorites below!
Monday, November 10, 2014

{Outift} Leather Pockets

I've been super bad about posting outfits on my blog, but luckily this weekend I managed to do a quick outfit shoot. This sweater is my current obsession. I originally wanted it in the tan, but found it in the gray for such a steal (only $30!). And of course I'm wearing my bean boots because I pretty much wear them every single day. How did I live my life without them before? 

Friday, November 7, 2014

Thanksgiving Outfit Inspo

Thanksgiving has to be one of my favorite holidays. Although I'm not a fan of the food (gasp!), I absolutely love getting together with my family and having a good time. We always host Thanksgiving and I honestly wouldn't have it any other way. Black Friday shopping is a tradition as well and it's so much fun to shop in the late hours of the night. 

Thanksgiving Outfit Inspo

I was thinking about what to wear on Thanksgiving and found a little outfit inspiration.Whether you dress up or dress casually for Thanksgiving these are two different outfit ideas for each style. I'm absolutely obsessed with these these socks paired with these booties (on sale!!!). And can we talk about these plaid loafers? Swoon! I'm obsessed! And there's something so classic about jeans and a cream cable knit sweater for the fall. I hope you found some inspiration for your Thanksgiving outfit!

What will you be wearing for Thanksgiving?

Thursday, November 6, 2014

Fall Peanut Butter Apple Toast

Eating breakfast is so essential, yet I always tend to skip out on it. It's usually the fact that I wake up at the latest possible time to get ready. I usually wake up around 7 to be ready for my ride at 7:35. This usually doesn't leave me time for breakfast, but now that I'm in love with this breakfast recipe I'm going to wake up a bit earlier so I can eat before I go! This recipe is honestly so simple. I guarantee you have the majority of the ingredients on hand. It's also super quick to save time in the morning! Here's what you'll need for this delicious toast!

+bread (I use 10 grain)
+peanut butter
+honeycrisp apple
1. Toast your bread and spread the peanut butter on it. I personally like the chunky peanut butter because it adds that extra crunch. 

2. Chop up your apple and distribute onto your toast. Sprinkle a little cinnamon on top and you're done!

I can't even stress how easy this breakfast recipe is! And it tastes so good. It's a perfect blend of fall flavors and really healthy too! It will help keep you full too! Let me know if you try it out!

What's your favorite breakfast?

Monday, November 3, 2014

@ J.Crew

I think we can all agree that J.Crew sets all the trends. They always have the best pieces of the season, although I usually wait until the next year when they all reappear at J.Crew Factory for much cheaper! But, I'm totally loving their current selection at J. Crew. I'm adoring the fun graphic sweatshirt and tee and especially obsessed with the houndstooth scarf! I've seen a few different houndstooth pieces this season at J.Crew and it's honestly so cute! And how fun is this bib necklace? It is so pretty and I love the ribbon tie!
@ J.Crew

Vest // Scarf // Sweatshirt // Tee // Jean Jacket // Necklace

What are you loving at J.Crew?