Monday, December 8, 2014

Staying Fit During The Holidays

I find it extremely difficult to stay healthy during the majority of the year, but it's especially difficult to stay fit during the holidays. But, I've compiled a few tips to help stay fit during the holidays! It doesn't have to mean limiting yourself, but just remember these tips during the holidays.

+Everything in moderation
Clearly, there's an abundance of sweets during the holiday season. Just because you want to maintain your health doesn't mean you need to cut out all sweets. Opt for just one cookie instead of three!

+Stay motivated
Working out doesn't have to be a drag. Grab a buddy and get on a system so that you have each other to keep you motivated to work out. Also, if you need a cute new holiday party outfit to motivate you, by all means go for it!

+Stay hydrated
Personally, I love drinking water. But, if it's not your favorite thing, get in the habit of drinking it! If you despise water, drink a light tea instead! Be sure that you're flushing your system and drinking plenty of fluids (this is going to keep your body healthy from illness too!).

+Look for inspiration
Be sure to follow my fitness board on Pinterest for easy inspiration of workouts! Also, check out a few of these youtube videos further discussing how to stay fit during the holidays!
 one // two // three

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