Thursday, December 11, 2014

Surviving Finals

You got this! You can make it through finals :)

Tis the season (of finals!). Final exams are next week for me and you can bet I'm stressing out. To be completely honest, I have thought about pretty much everything except for the actual tests themselves! There's just so much going on that it's hard to even look that far ahead (it's only next week!). Is it just me or do teachers seem to pour on the work at the end of the semester? I'm not sure what their logic is there...but, I do have some tips to help you survive finals! Finals are probably my favorite/least favorite times of the year. For first semester finals means that Christmas is finally here, and second semester means summer! Yet, finals are extremely stressful and often difficult to survive. Here are my best tips, but trust me I'm no expert.

Luckily some of my classes this year don't have final exams, but just final projects or papers. Because of this I know way ahead of time what is expected for these papers/projects. In the interest of time, I try to get these done before I prepare for my other exams. Then I can opt for the remainder of time to studying for my exams!

+Take productive study breaks
Cramming a bunch of information in all at once is not going to stay fresh in your mind for the test. Be sure to take breaks often enough and have them last around 15-30 minutes. Take a snack break and load up on fruits and veggies to keep you energized. Or workout for a quick study break! Whatever you do, be productive!

+Get enough sleep
I know sleep is pretty much nonexistent during the week of finals, but getting sleep is usually better for you than staying up that extra hour to cram information. You'll be better off taking that hour of sleep to perform better on your test. You can't do well on your exam if you're sleeping!

+Study with others
For some people, studying alone is their go-to. Personally, studying with other people helps me think of other things that I wouldn't have before. It can be tempting to get off topic, so be sure to pick your study group accordingly. 

+Be confident
Don't let your nerves get to you! I'm not the one to have testing anxiety, but I definitely know people that do. If you're really stressed during a test take 3 deep breaths and continue on. It can be difficult to remain sane while taking a test, but if you're confident going into it you can often do better.

Now please...tell me your tips to surviving finals? I need them too ha ha!



  1. Awesome post, Kate! Good luck on finals!


    1. Thank so much Marissa! I'll definitely need the luck! Xo!