Friday, January 2, 2015

Hello 2015

Happy new year everyone! It's 2015 which is crazy to think! This year I'm looking forward to plenty of things, but I'm not so sure if 2014 can be beat! In 2014 I had so many different adventures, went plenty of new places and overall made a lot of new friends. For the longest time I didn't like high school whatsoever, but in 2014 I finally started to enjoy it. I'm really excited to see what 2015 brings in my life. Here are a few goals I have set for myself in the new year! 

+Get healthy // I set this goal for myself last year and I was very successful within the first two months. After those months I sort of gave up, but this year I really don't want to. I have everything I need at my fingertips to live a healthy lifestyle yet I'm always caving into junk food. 

+Narrow down my college search // I've been contemplating college recently and I've been pretty lost as to what I'm exactly looking for. Hopefully in 2015 I'll do extensive research to narrow down what schools I'm looking at and head out to visit a few of those schools!

+Save my money // I have an awful habit of spending money right after I earn it and further from that spending all my money on food. I'm cool with heading out to brunch with friends and splurging a bit, but I need to quit it with my late night Taco Bell runs. 

+Expand my social media platforms // I really suck at posting nice instagram pictures, but I definitely want to improve this in the future. Having a strong social media presence is extremely important to having a successful blog, but I haven't seemed to nail down my identity on social media. 

+Buy less, choose wisely // I have definitely been known to go a little crazy when it comes to shopping. I don't think I need to cut down on my shopping, but I do thing I need to be making better decisions when it comes to buying so much. Sometimes when I buy things I tend to focus on quantity and not quality. I'd much rather purchase something that I'll wear all the time and is a bit more pricey than buy a bunch of things I'll only wear occasionally for a cheaper price. 

What are your resolutions for the new year?



  1. I need to work on how I spend my money too. Shopping isn't too much of a problem for me right now but spending my money on food is ;) Good luck with your goals!


    1. I always spend money on food and it's such a bad habit! Thanks Eliza! Xo!

  2. I have the same problem with colleges! I have no idea what I'm looking for. Hopefully I will be able to decide by the fall. I hope that you achieve your goals this year :)

    xo, Katie

    1. As of right now I'm only thinking geography because I have no clue what else I'm looking for in a school! Yes and same! Thanks! Xo!

  3. For your college search I would highly recommend you use College Prowler! Zinch and Capex are good too, but College Prowler is so much better and it has so much more information. Happy New Year!


    1. Thanks so much I'll definitely have to check that out! Happy New Year to you too! Xo!