Monday, February 23, 2015

Easy + Quick Breakfasts

I'm the type of person that sleeps the latest I possibly can to be ready for school on time (or for the most part on time). I'm a total night owl and tend to stay up late on tumblr or youtube when I should be sleeping. I'm also the type of person that tends to skip breakfast. This is a bad habit because once I get to school I immediately regret not grabbing something--I'm always so hungry! These ideas are super fast and easy, but also something yummy and healthy that are perfect for on the go!

+apple & peanut butter (they even make on-the-go peanut butter in mini containers!)
+Greek yogurt & granola
+healthy cereal in a bag (w/o milk)
+scrambled eggs (these can be really fast if you make them quick!)
+smoothie (put all supplies in a zip block bag before hand and then just pour contents into a blender)

What is your typical breakfast? I'm looking for new ideas!

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Getting Fit for Lent

Usually for lent I tend to give up some food that is bad for me. I usually give up cookies (my favorite), but then at some point or another I give up and just give up on lent all together. It's always difficult because Easter always falls just after spring break and going on spring break and not enjoying some of my favorite things is super difficult. And my parents set the rule that if we're over 200 miles away from our home, lent doesn't count. Not so sure if this was a good idea, but it was always a nice treat to be able to eat whatever we gave up over spring break. This year I decided against giving up one thing and I'm going do try and do one thing. This being working out! As my drill season comes to a close, I think getting into shape before spring break is nothing short of a great idea. Drill isn't really a workout anyways, to be honest. For lent I don't plan on working out every single day of the week (I don't have time for that!), but at least 4-5 days! This is manageable enough, and will help me get fit just in time for spring break and summer! The best part of it all is that lent is a long time. This will hopefully give me time to develop working out as a habit and not a chore. These are a few different workout ideas that I'm itching to try! 

What's your workout routine? I'm dying to hear!

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Blogger Bliss {Mackenzie Horan}

Mackenzie Horan, the brains behind Design Darling, has been one of my favorite bloggers for quite some time now. She's seriously just so adorable! Her style is perfect and I'm absolutely obsessed with her online boutique! If you're looking for anything and everything cute and pretty be sure to check out her shop! I love the re-design to her site, it fits so well with her personality! I remember seeing her speak last summer at the Smart Girls conference and she was so poised and wise! And her outfit was serious to die for (as they always are). The way she mixes her two favorites pink and navy always looks perfect, but she tends to throw citrus colors and light blue hues in every once in a while too. If you aren't a fan yet, be sure to check out her blog and you will instantly become one! 

Seriously, how cute is she? Also, Mackenzie and her pal Amy have two of the most perfect instagram feeds out there. Definitely give them a follow!

Saturday, February 14, 2015

Valentine's Day Link Up

After some technical difficulties, this post is finally up! Today I'm collating with the wonderful Sophia! Also, HBD to you Sophia! How fun is it having your birthday on Valentine's Day! 

I was so excited when Sophia asked me to collab with her. I've been obsessed with her blog for some time now and it was only a matter of time before we collaborated. If you participated in this link up be sure to use the #VDayLinkUp on Insta or Twitter! 

Tommy Hilfiger sweater (similar) // Nordstrom skirt // Marley Lilly necklace

1. What is your favorite thing about this month?
I love the fact that it is the month of love! And that pink is a huge color this month!

2. Who is your blogger Valentine?
Definitely Sophia! She's so cute and I loved collaborating with her! Such a sweetie!

Friday, February 6, 2015

Instagram Recap

Whew, this week is over! Having Monday off for a snow day was an extra special treat, but it didn't make the week feel much shorter. Here's my week in photos. 

+1. I rediscovered this Vineyard Vines dress in my closet recently and I can't wait for warmer weather to wear it! Hopefully for spring break I'll be heading somewhere warm and have the chance to wear this dress! In the summer I basically lived in this dress.

 +2. If you missed this outfit post this was a shot from the candids. I'm obsessed with these mittens from Forever 21! Are they not the cutest thing ever? Plus they keep my hands warm in the chilly Chicago weather!

+3. Remember this outfit post? It only seemed fitting to throwback to one of my favorite pictures from my Marley Lilly post. This bag is seriously my favorite thing ever because it's perfect for every occasion. Oh and the fact that it's monogrammed just makes it all that more better. 

Have a great weekend!

Btw be sure to follow me on Instagram @sprinklesofkate for photo updates! 

Thursday, February 5, 2015

Sweet Treats for Valentine's Day

How delicious do these look!?

I'm not quite sure how I'll be spending my Valentine's Day (sans Valentine), but I do know I'll be making & eating some sweet treats! I think making Valentine's for my friends is one of the most fun things ever! They always turn out so cute and my gal pals are always appreciative of cute little notes and fun candies. I've been scouring Pinterest for a few ideas of little treats to make for my friends and these are a few favorites I've found! 

Cinnamon Rolls // These cinnamon rolls (featured above) could not look more delicious! The recipe has you create the roll from scratch, but if you're feeling extra lazy just buy the pre made. All you have to do is add some fun decorations and they look so festive and cute!

Heart Donuts // These are seriously too cute! Donuts are perfect to eat at all times of the day and I can imagine my friends loving these donuts as a fun treat!

Rice Krispies // Rice Krispie treats are always a classic and this fun chocolate twist makes them all the more better. Adding festive sprinkles will only make them that much cuter!

Extra supplies:

+festive sprinkles; these add such a fun touch to any dessert!
+heart straws; I found these in the dollar section at Target and they could make fun straws for drinks or could work as skewers for mini deserts
+fun containers; wrap your desserts in tissue paper and place them in heart covered bags or use plain white bags and add adorable stickers

Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Easy + Quick Hairstyles

I've been having way too many bad hair days. I've recently become super lazy when it comes to doing my hair and have left it natural the past few weeks. Ever since I chopped off a lot of my hair it's been really difficult to style. Without the length I can straighten and curl it with ease and taking only a fraction of the time as it used to. But, my natural hair is just so blah now. Before, I didn't actually mind my naturally wavy and messy hair. With short hair it just looks bad to me. I'll occasionally suffer through and wear it down and natural, but normally I throw it up into a ponytail or a braid. Yet, even when my hair is straightened or curled, I'm running out of styles. I can never wear my hair just down. It always gets in my face and before you know it it's up into a ponytail. But, when some of my hair is pulled back then I'll actually wear it down. These are a few new ideas I've been thinking about trying that are easy and fast, but also super cute!

Tuesday, February 3, 2015

{Outfit} Toggle Coat

Yesterday I had a much needed day off school because of the insane amount of snow Chicago received. Not even kidding there was at least two feet of snow outside. The only means of transportation around my town has been cross country skiing; the snow is that intense. With the day off school, I opted to use the white scenery as a backdrop for a quick outfit post. This outfit features my absolute favorite coat this season. In past years I've always worn big puffy coats, but this year I wanted a more stylish (but still warm) option. This toggle coat from ASOS was the perfect fit. It is super warm and cozy, has a hood, and is lined with the cutest plaid pattern. I was planning on wearing bean boots, but when I saw the huge mounds of snow I knew they weren't going to cut it. Hunter boots were absolutely perfect (in fact even a bit short) for trudging through the snow. 

toggle coat // jeans // sweater (Abercrombie, similar here) // boots // mittens

Monday, February 2, 2015

Valentine's Day Blogger Love Award

I'm back! I'm more excited than ever to start posting again because seriously I've missed blogging so much! I needed that mental break because things were just getting far too hectic. Anyways, today I'm collaborating with the lovely Sophia from California Belle for Valentine's Day themed award. This award is meant to express your love for all of your favorite fellow bloggers. The rules are posted below along with the bloggers that I love and nominate! Oh, and don't forget to answer the questions too! I look forward to seeing posts from the ladies I tagged!

The Rules

1. If you are tagged to do this award, copy the rules into your post.
2. Link the post back to Sophia & Katelyn's blogs.
3. Recognize the blogger that tagged you and link back to them.
4. Tag 5 bloggers that you believe deserve this award.
5. Let them know you have awarded them!
6. Answer the questions below!
7. Include the image!

The Questions

1. What is something you are looking forward to doing in February?
2. Pink or red for Valentine's Day?
3. What inspires you to blog?
4. Who are your style icons?
5. If you could go on a trip anywhere and blog about it for a week where would you go?
6. Who are your blogger icons?
7. How would you describe your style?
8. East or west coast?
9. If you could pick one blogger to be, who would you choose?
10. What type of flowers are you hoping to receive on Valentine's Day?

Here's who I tag!

Connie // Prep Northwest
Hunter // Prep on a Budget
Renne // Gimme Glamour

Oh! There's more! Sophia and I are hosting a Valentine's Day linkup on February 14th! We'd love for as many of you guys to participate so shoot either of us an email if you'd like to participate! 

Use the image above and answer the two questions below!

1.What is your favorite thing about the month of February?

2. Who is your blogging Valentine?