Monday, February 2, 2015

Valentine's Day Blogger Love Award

I'm back! I'm more excited than ever to start posting again because seriously I've missed blogging so much! I needed that mental break because things were just getting far too hectic. Anyways, today I'm collaborating with the lovely Sophia from California Belle for Valentine's Day themed award. This award is meant to express your love for all of your favorite fellow bloggers. The rules are posted below along with the bloggers that I love and nominate! Oh, and don't forget to answer the questions too! I look forward to seeing posts from the ladies I tagged!

The Rules

1. If you are tagged to do this award, copy the rules into your post.
2. Link the post back to Sophia & Katelyn's blogs.
3. Recognize the blogger that tagged you and link back to them.
4. Tag 5 bloggers that you believe deserve this award.
5. Let them know you have awarded them!
6. Answer the questions below!
7. Include the image!

The Questions

1. What is something you are looking forward to doing in February?
2. Pink or red for Valentine's Day?
3. What inspires you to blog?
4. Who are your style icons?
5. If you could go on a trip anywhere and blog about it for a week where would you go?
6. Who are your blogger icons?
7. How would you describe your style?
8. East or west coast?
9. If you could pick one blogger to be, who would you choose?
10. What type of flowers are you hoping to receive on Valentine's Day?

Here's who I tag!

Connie // Prep Northwest
Hunter // Prep on a Budget
Renne // Gimme Glamour

Oh! There's more! Sophia and I are hosting a Valentine's Day linkup on February 14th! We'd love for as many of you guys to participate so shoot either of us an email if you'd like to participate! 

Use the image above and answer the two questions below!

1.What is your favorite thing about the month of February?

2. Who is your blogging Valentine?


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