Thursday, February 5, 2015

Sweet Treats for Valentine's Day

How delicious do these look!?

I'm not quite sure how I'll be spending my Valentine's Day (sans Valentine), but I do know I'll be making & eating some sweet treats! I think making Valentine's for my friends is one of the most fun things ever! They always turn out so cute and my gal pals are always appreciative of cute little notes and fun candies. I've been scouring Pinterest for a few ideas of little treats to make for my friends and these are a few favorites I've found! 

Cinnamon Rolls // These cinnamon rolls (featured above) could not look more delicious! The recipe has you create the roll from scratch, but if you're feeling extra lazy just buy the pre made. All you have to do is add some fun decorations and they look so festive and cute!

Heart Donuts // These are seriously too cute! Donuts are perfect to eat at all times of the day and I can imagine my friends loving these donuts as a fun treat!

Rice Krispies // Rice Krispie treats are always a classic and this fun chocolate twist makes them all the more better. Adding festive sprinkles will only make them that much cuter!

Extra supplies:

+festive sprinkles; these add such a fun touch to any dessert!
+heart straws; I found these in the dollar section at Target and they could make fun straws for drinks or could work as skewers for mini deserts
+fun containers; wrap your desserts in tissue paper and place them in heart covered bags or use plain white bags and add adorable stickers



  1. Ahh, these all sounds sooo yummy and those cinnamon rolls look really delicious!!
    xx, Mikkaela
    The Southwestern Prepster

    1. They look sooo good! Thanks for your comment Mikkaela! Xo!