Tuesday, March 3, 2015

My Life Lately

Excuse the lack of posting, as usual. Not only have I been busy with school, tryouts, and my social life (sort of), but also busy weekends and family outings. To say the least, blogging hasn't been my priority. To get back into posting, what better way than a little life update.

Skiing // This past weekend I went skiing with my family and a few of my cousins. I hadn't been skiing in quite some time, so I was a little rusty. Nonetheless, it was a ton of fun! We all tend to be amateurs so we stick to the easy hills and jumps. 

Selfie Stick // My good friend was kind enough to give me a selfie stick for Christmas (LOL) and I hadn't figured out how to use it before this weekend. Although a little tacky to pull out and snap a pic, it's so much fun to take selfies with it. 

ACT // As if one's junior year of high school isn't already academically demanding enough, the ACT must be taken too. Tomorrow I'm taking my first ACT, but probably not my last. I'm hoping for the best, and I've been studying quite a bit, but there are still a few more times I'm able to take the test in the future.

Tryouts // This week badminton tryouts are beginning! I'm super excited, but super rusty with my skills. Believe it or not, badminton is actually competitive at my school. I really only play for the pure joy of it though so I'm not very concerned with how good I am ha ha. 

Spring // I'm officially done with cold weather. Please spring come sooner! I've been doing a bit of online shopping for some spring essentials and I'm beyond obsessed with everything from Lilly Pulitzer. Especially this adorable shift!

Tunes // Pandora is usually my first choice for music because it introduces me to so many different songs based on just one song I like. But one thing I've been liking to do is listening to full albums from different artists on YouTube. It lasts for 45 minutes usually so it's perfect for just some background noise while I work. I've been loving Fall Out Boy and The Neighbourhood recently.

Stay tuned for more posts to come!


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