Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Study Tips

As I've mentioned before, junior year is probably the most intense of all years in high school. I've come to the realization that school is the most important thing in my life right now. This probably should have always been true, but I always tend to have things that are just a bit more important than school itself. Anyways, junior year is very academically demanding and this means hours and hours of studying. I've compiled my best tips for studying because I've definitely struggled to study properly in the past. I'm definitely no expert, but these are a few things that help me study! 

Self Control // This is probably the most genius thing ever. Self Control is an application that allows you to create a "blacklist" otherwise known as a list of sites you want to restrict yourself from going on. This is totally customizable but I tend to stick to the usual sites I find myself on: YouTube, BuzzFeed, Netflix, Tumblr, Pinterest and some of my favorite blogs. This application allows for you to set a time period that you're restricted from going on those sites. This app is seriously life changing because it's amazing what can be done when I'm less distracted! Now I just need something similar for my phone...

A Good Group // I've been a part of both good and bad study groups. There's the group where all you end up doing is talking and having fun and then when the test comes you're a bit underprepared. There's the other group where you work together and teach each other and it's beneficial to all. Find a good study group that is functional and you actually end up getting work done!

Give Yourself Enough Time // This is something I'm not so good at. I tend to wait until the last minute (typical) and cram the night before. This is a horrible habit! Information is not going to be stored well using this method! Be sure to give yourself a few days to fully learn and understand the material so that you are better prepared for the test.

Have Others Test You // Just "absorbing" the information isn't necessarily going to be enough to do well on any given test. Have others quiz you and ask you different questions to prove that you really know the information. If the test is on a topic in general try explaining that topic in great detail to someone. If they understand when you're finished, you've done it right. If you're studying for math, give yourself some practice problems to complete to be sure you're on the right track!

These are a few of my tips, but I would love to hear yours! 


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