Monday, May 4, 2015

5 Recipes to Try

Yum! Via recipe #4

For some strange reason I've recently been really wanting to cook! I've been exploring the internet and I've found plenty of recipes that I'm dying to try. To get back into blogging I thought I'd share a few of these fun (and healthy!) recipes.

+1. I'm eager to try at least one of these homemade granola bar recipes! They all look so yummy! Especially vanilla/blueberry and cranberry/pistachio ones!

+2. Chia seeds are all the rage and I really love them! This chia pudding looks so delicious (and super easy--only 3 ingredients)!

+3. I love pizza and this pizza has a bit of a twist: avocado! It looks so fresh and amazing with all the tasty flavors blended in!

+4. Pancakes are a brunch essential and these are a healthy alternative to classic pancakes! They're free of butter and sugar! Just top them off with some fresh fruit and you're set!

+5. These apple granola sandwiches seriously look so delicious! They're a nice option to reduce your sodium intake (instead of using bread) and have something super sweet!

What recipes are you loving/eager to try? Leave me some recommendations!



  1. All of these sound absolutely delicious, but my stomach is dying to dry those yogurt pancakes!
    xx, Mikkaela
    The Southwestern Prepster

    1. They look so good and the recipe sounds amazing! Thanks for your comment Mikkaela! Xo!