Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Five Things You Need in Your Closet This Spring

With spring comes spring cleaning and we've been doing quite a bit of this in my house recently. I've started the dreaded process of going through my entire wardrobe and getting rid of things that I never wear or that have gone out of style. Through this process I've come along a few of my absolute favorite pieces that I feel are essential to every girl's closet. These are probably the simplest things, but they truly are things you need in your closet.

+1. A great pair of jeans // Whether they be light/dark wash, distressed or solid, owning a great pair of jeans can totally make an outfit. Wearing jeans used to be such a pain for me because once you start wearing leggings you really can never go back. I've recently re-discovered jeggings and I'm in love. My favorite pair is a medium wash with lots of distressing in them. They're seriously so easy to pair with anything and everything!

+2. White jeans // This still goes along with the previous item, but I absolutely think white jeans are essential. They match everything and for spring/summer they are absolutely imperative. I have yet to find my perfect pair of white jeans because the ones I currently own are just not my favorite. If you have a pair you love, let me know!

+3. A striped tee // I think it's safe to say that stripes look great on everyone (especially navy stripes!). My striped tees are definitely my most worn items in my closet. They're super easy to pair with things and they're trendy without ever going out of style. 

+4. LBD // You seriously can't go wrong with a killer black dress. Black is always in style and finding your perfect (and comfortable) black dress is crucial to building a better wardrobe. I own a few black dresses and I am constantly wearing them on rotation. It's super easy to dress them up as well with statement jewelry and because the dress is black you'll never look overdone.

+5. A denim jacket // I purchased my denim jacket on a whim one spring and this is my #1 worn piece in my closet. It is the perfect way to add a layer during the chilly late fall/early spring months. I love how effortless it is to add a jean jacket on top of anything as a light coat. 

What are your essentials this spring?



  1. I totally agree about the jeans! I have this one pair that are so soft and look gorgeous, I wear them all the time! Now it's getting too hot for jeans in Indiana so I just switch out my favorite jeans for my favorite pair of jean shorts. They're stiff high waisted jeans shorts from the 90's I think. I adore them. They look amazing with just about everything plus they show off my tan really well.

    Running Alyssa

    1. Having an amazing pair of jeans is crucial to building a great wardrobe! I feel you on the high waisted shorts too! Thanks for your comment! Xo!