Friday, May 1, 2015

Happy May & Life Update

Happy May! 

It's been quite a long time since I've posted...I've been slacking! But, I'm back in the game with tons of posts headed your way! 

It's finally May! I've been waiting since January for my favorite month! May is just such a beautiful time of year! I'm planning lots of outfit posts and taking advantage of the warm weather to come! Also, I've been doing quite a bit of spring shopping...I think a spring haul may be on it's way! 

Coming up in just two short weeks is prom! At my school it's really just a senior prom and you don't go unless you're a senior. Although I'm only a junior, I was asked by a senior and I'm super psyched to be going to prom this year! I've been on the hunt for a dress and I think I've found it. But I'm going to wait until it's set in stone before I reveal it to you all!

With less than a month left of school it's crunch time! Badminton has come to a close (it's such a short season--only two months!) I have extra time on my hands to finish up last minute assignments and begin my studying for AP exams and finals! And more time to blog of course! I'm thinking of putting together my top tips for finals for a post as well.

Also, good news...I'm done with the ACT! I took my last ACT a few weeks ago and although I'm still waiting for my results I'm finally finished with all tutoring and test taking. Thank goodness! Junior year has been super stressful and very demanding, but I'm a little sad to see it come to a close. I've had so much fun this year socially and I'm very happy to have gone out of my comfort zone and expanded my friend group!

More to come soon!


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