Thursday, May 28, 2015

No-Heat Hairstyles

Last August I chopped at least six inches form my hair and it seemed like such an amazing decision at the time. It was nice to have short hair for a little while, but because my hair is naturally wavy I had to style it every day for it to look somewhat acceptable. During the school year I can recall maybe five times that I didn't straighten my hair in the first semester. Even though I was styling it every day, my hair was shorter so it took only a fraction of the time. With summer here though I'm totally over the whole "taking time to fry it up" look. I love having straightened or curled hair, but this summer especially I'm going to try and leave my hair natural as much as possible. I definitely need a haircut, but I've finally noticed my hair growing out and I'm not quite ready to get an inch off. Because I'll be wearing my natural hair this summer I've compiled a few heatless hairstyles that are super easy and look great! I'm not totally in love with my natural hair, but I've been trying to accept it more now and just learn to let it flow free. I'm also a huge fan of wearing my hair up (especially when it's hot) so these hairstyles are totally perfect for that!

In all of these looks texture is everything. Embrace your messy hair! If your hair has a softer, more brushed look to it invest in a sea salt or texturizing spray to enhance it's feel. Or visit the ocean to get true beach waves! 

 Wear your hair natural or add some beach spray to get these messy waves. Add a simple messy braid in the back tied with a clear elastic to add a bit of texture to the look.
 I don't think I could necessarily rock this look, but I know many that have and look amazing! Braid your hair and cross them over your head for perfect milkmaid braids. Switch up your braids like the one in the image, mixing classic and fishtail styles. 
I've seen so many people wearing these mini topknots and they look so cute! Just throw half of your hair up into a messy bun and you're set! 
Slick your hair back into a high ponytail and wrap a small piece around the hair tie and secure with a bobby pin. Twist your hair and add clear elastics a few inches away from each other on the ponytail. This is such a simple, yet pretty way to add some texture to a classic ponytail. 

What are your favorite no-heat hairstyles? I'm looking for some new ones to try!


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