Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Super Easy Smoothie

Here we go again with another food related post! But who doesn't love food, am I right? This smoothie is my go-to when I'm feeling something sweet and easy in the mornings. This combination of fruits is just one of the many different ways to make super delicious smoothies! I love making smoothies -- especially on the weekends. And as the weather gets warmer smoothies are a super easy way to cool off in a healthy way!

This recipe can also be used to make a smoothie bowl! I've tried acai bowls a handful of times, but they're just not my fave. I like it better when I just make a simple smoothie with some of my favorite fruits and then sprinkle a bit of granola and coconut flakes on top. Yum! 

 +berries (straw, blue & black)
+greek yogurt
+orange juice
+a bit of ice

That's it! Just throw into a blender and blend!
I'm dying to try a few new smoothie recipes! 

I'm eager to hear...what are your favorite smoothie combinations?


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  1. I absolutely love smoothies! But for some reason, we don't have a blender in our house. I think we have a bullet somewhere, but I can't find the one that you're supposed to use for smoothies. This weekend I need to go on a scavenger hunt because smoothies are one of my favorite drinks! They're so healthy and delicious! My favorite would have to be strawberry and banana flavored.

    Running Alyssa