Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Fourth of July Attire

Independence Day is probably one of my favorite holidays because I seriously love celebrating my country! I also own plenty of things red white and blue or with the American flag on them! I recently purchased a flag shirt from the new Chicago Vineyard Vines store and I'm so stoked to wear it on the fourth! I'm heading up to a friends lakehouse and I couldn't be more excited to spend the day on the lake! Here are a few fun things to sport this Fourth of July!

PS: A real fourth of July outfit post is coming soon :)
Fourth of July Attire

needlepoint wallet // flag clutch // flag tee -- sold out // anchor bracelet // flag socks

What are you wearing this fourth of July?

Monday, June 29, 2015

Sneaky Ways To Be Healthy

Being a teenager sometimes it seems impossible to eat healthy. I'm constantly eating out and even when I'm not pizza and other junk food seem to be top picks. However, this is just part of being a teenager. But, there are sneaky, little ways, to be a little more healthy in your daily life!

+1. Drink water
Sticking to water is probably one of the best tips I can offer. Eliminating soda, sports drinks and everything else will make you feel so much better already! Also, 75% of Americans are chronically go grab yourself some water right now.

+2. Take the stairs
There's always a choice...take the elevator/escalator or go find the stairs. Taking the stairs is something so simple, but is such a smart move! Half the time the stairs are just as close as the elevator and it's always more beneficial to take the stairs!

+3. Track it!
I recently discovered that my mom had a Fitbit lying around in her closet that she wasn't using so I've been loving tracking all of my steps each day, monitoring my sleep and also recording what I've been eating. Fitbit's are a bit pricey however and there are so many free apps that you can track everything. A few that I've tried include My Fitness Pal and Lose It!

+4. Use a smaller plate
Eating food on a smaller plate tricks your mind into thinking that you're eating more when you're usually eating less -- just because your plate looks full! Additionally, try filling the majority of your plate with something a little healthier like fruit!

What are your top tips to living a healthy lifestyle?

Friday, June 26, 2015


Happy weekend everyone! I'm hoping to take some outfit pics this weekend and then have them up for you next week! I've been drafting a bunch of posts so my schedule will definitely be consistent next week and on! Hope you have a super fun weekend!!! Here are a few fun links to check out :). 

I've been pinning a lot of fun things recently...are you following? Follow here!

I just finished reading the book Hope by Amanda Berry and Gina DeJesus. Truly was an incredible read; their survival story is insane, but amazing in the end. Definitely a must read.

They just opened up two new Vineyard Vines stores in Chicago! I have yet to check them out, but I'll definitely head there soon! 

I'm utterly obsessed with this pineapple phone case I might just have to snag it!

I've been obsessed with Gal Meets Glam and Southern Curls & Pearls recently! Their style is amazing!

Have a great weekend!

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

A Summer Soirée

I've wanted to host a summer party for the longest time now and if my kitchen weren't under construction you bet I would be! I've been scouring Pinterest for my favorite party ideas and I've found a few that I think you all would love if you're ever throwing a party! Whether it be a graduation celebration or a simple summer party these ideas are sure to steal the spotlight!
 I absolutely love tacos and I adore these fun gold balloons for a taco themed party!
 These are seriously the cutest summer party invitations I've seen yet! They're perfect for any summer gathering!
 How perfect would this pie be for a Fourth of July party? I'm already thinking ahead and planning on making it!
 A mimosa bar is always a must for any party! I love the idea of being able to customize exactly what you want to put in your mimosa!
Here's a new idea...a grilled cheese bar! Something I definitely have to try!

What are your favorite party ideas?

Monday, June 22, 2015

What I'm Loving

First I must address my absence on my blog! I really have no valid excuse as to why I was gone...truly summer just got to me and I was carried away with hanging out with friends and trying to do fun things. This summer hasn't been all that eventful, but I'm so excited to go to Hawaii in two weeks! I've been trying to do a bit of shopping for my trip because I realized that I have no clothes. I finally went through pretty much everything I own and got rid of the things I never wear or no longer fit. My new thing is to give clothes that are actually cute (I just don't like them anymore) to friends so that they can have a second life. Plus, just because I'm not a fan of something any longer doesn't mean someone else won't treasure it!

With shopping for Hawaii I've been sticking to a few rules: fun colors, breezy clothes and tons of swimwear! The other times I've been to Hawaii I've spent the daytime at the beach and then nights out at events with my family. Because we go on trips through the company my dad works for there's always super fun events each night! Hawaii is hot hot hot I've been making sure that all of my clothes are breathable and perfect for the humid, yet beautiful, weather. Here are a few things that I've been hoping to purchase for my trip, or that I've been loving in general!

What I'm Loving

Thursday, June 18, 2015

How To Declutter Your Inbox

Having two emails definitely has its benefits. I'm easily able to separate personal emails from family, etc. and my favorite companies from blogging emails. I like to combine these emails on my phone and my computer so that I can have them all in one place, but can easily separate them into two different inboxes. I'm definitely one of those people that gets tons of emails from random stores I like when they're having sales, etc. But, getting so many emails a day can be overwhelming and also distracting from the emails that actually matter. Here are my top tips to declutter your inbox.

I know, getting news about the latest J.Crew sale is utterly important, but seriously when is the last time you shopped at Victoria's Secret? That's just one example but we all have the subscriptions to so many different stores that we don't tend to shop at all that often. For me I only head into Victoria's Secret if I need something, but I don't necessarily look for the upcoming sales and promotions because to be honest, I don't really care. Unsubscribing from places that you don't typically shop at will definitely help you to receive less of those irrelevant emails.

I'm one of those people that totally hesitates when deleting an email, but why? For some reason I feel like I'll need the email later on, but I never even do! Deleting emails that you know you don't care about will efficiently downsize your inbox and get rid of plenty of junk. If you're so worried that you could possibly need the email later just archive it instead and delete it when you feel ready.

Flagging emails allows you to make certain emails stand out to you if they're important. This declutters your inbox because you have all of your important emails that you need to respond to or are currently in the loop. If you're not totally into deleting emails flagging things can help you better organize your inbox.

This is probably the coolest site ever. This website tells you exactly what you're subscribed to and allows you to unsubscribe with just one click! It's seriously so cool! You'll be surprised to how many things you're subscribed to that you really don't need to be!

What are your top tips to organizing your inbox? I'd love to hear!

Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Blogger Bliss {Southern Curls & Pearls}

If you haven't already checked out Caitlyn, the brains behind Southern Curls & Pearls you sure are missing out! She seriously has the cutest style and the best closet ever! Her obsession with anything off the shoulder, flowy pieces, statement earrings, and all things bright has now become my obsession! She posts strictly outfits so if you're ever looking for outfit inspiration be sure to check out her site.

One of my favorite things about her is the diversity of pieces that she wears. So many of the elements of her outfits are totally affordable for a teenage girl like myself! Also a graduate from UNC Chapel Hill she is literally #goals. I love every single one of her outfits and just by taking a peek at her blog you'll completely understand why! And wait...her hair! It's amazing! 

What bloggers do you want to see on "Blogger Bliss"?

Friday, June 12, 2015

Summer Blogging Goals

Happy weekend everyone!!!

Jamie via The Fashion Newcomer asked me recently about my upcoming summer blogging goals. I didn't even have to think hard to come up with these goals! Over the course of the year I've definitely slacked on posting consistently and creating quality posts. Junior year overall is a super stressful year, but at the same time I never had a totally plausible reason why I wasn't posting. This summer I've been trying to be especially consistent with my blog posts! Along with that here are some of my summer blogging goals. 

1. Blog consistently, five times per week.
2. Remain present on Instagram & Twitter.
3. Create more outfit posts with quality outfit photos.
4. Reach out to at least one brand in hopes of sponsorship.
5. Reach 100 followers on Bloglovin'. 
6. Meet new people at the Smart Girls conference Chicago!

If you're a blogger/aspiring blogger...what are you hoping to accomplish this summer?

Thursday, June 11, 2015

{Outfit} Tie-Dye Romper

Earlier this week I headed to another part of Chicago that I had yet to visit...Lincoln Park! My pal Ava and I headed down for a late lunch and just to explore a bit. It was super hot out so I opted for this super adorable tie-dye romper. I'm going to Hawaii in a few weeks and when I saw this romper I knew I needed to have it for the trip! It's super light and breezy and I love the open back. Not to mention how "in" tie-dye is this season! This romper is seriously so comfortable too! It's fabulous being able to look cute while also being so comfortable!

Billabong romper // Madewell bracelet // Dolce Vita sandals (similar) // Longchamp bag

Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Instagram Recap

If you didn't already notice...I'm back on Instagram. For so long I've been scarcely posting and finally I made it one of my summer goals to actually post consistently on social media. Twitter I'm still trying to figure out, but I think I've got Instagram down now! I've been trying to establish some sort of theme and hopefully will gain followers this way. Instagram is definitely one of the best social media platforms that bloggers use and it was finally time for me to become a little more (dare I say) serious about instagramming. Here's what I've been up to via my Instagram feed. 
 Last weekend I headed to Lincoln Park with one my friends and you can read about that here! I visited the cutest donut shop while there, Stan's Donuts! It was seriously so good. I've gone gluten free for a little bit so I wasn't able to indulge in a delicious sprinkle donut, but I did try one of their gluten free options and I have to say it was so delicious!

 This week for me has consisted of a lot of planning. I've been planning out the month of June and updating my favorite Sugar Paper LA calendar, along with planning out my days in my adorable Whitney English Day Designer via last year's Smart Girls conference. This past week I've also been doing a ton of research about college! It's scary to think I'll be applying to schools in just a few months!!!

 Earlier this week I headed back into the city to explore Lincoln Park with a different friend. We headed to lunch at an adorable little cafe and my friend's favorite bakery Sweet Mandy B's happened to be right next door! She was so eager to buy something! She ended up buying these cupcakes and I purchased a rice krispie treat. Let me just was unbelievable. Super sweet, but super good!

 And the stationary addiction continues. I can't even begin to tell you how much money I end up spending on stationary. But it's so worth it because I love having super cute stationary. I purchased these new cards at Marshall's the other day and they came in a pack with three sets of gold, pink and mint washi tape! 

Be sure you're following along on Instagram @sprinklesofkate to be updated! You can even turn on post notifications if you tap the ... on the upper right corner of the screen!

Tuesday, June 9, 2015

My Top 3 YouTubers

I have a YouTube addiction. I'm dead serious I spend as much time as I can on YouTube. I just love finding inspiration in videos from my favorite YouTubers. I'm also subscribed to over 70 channels on YouTube...

Anyways, these three YouTubers are the ones whose videos I watch instantly when I see them pop up  in my subscription box. They are each inspiring in their own way and I just love what the post each time!

Danielle Marie // Truly, Danielle Marie is #goals. She seriously is perfect! She has perfect style, is super fit and just overall very happy! I love watching her "Weekend in My Life" vlog style videos where you can see a little bit more about her life. If you're looking for a great lifestyle vlogger, she's your gal!

Cambria Joy // Oh goodness the love I have for Bree. Her videos are so inspiring! She posts the greatest health videos, making you to want to actually live a healthy lifestyle for the benefits of it, rather than just trying to lose weight for your appearance. After watching one of her videos I always think, "Oh! I should go do that!" because she has such great ideas! If you're looking for fitspiration definitely check her out!

Aspyn Ovard // Aspyn is more of a typical fashion and beauty YouTuber but it still makes me love her the same! Her and her boyfriend Parker are seriously the cutest thing! She shares the cutest hairstyles, fashions, and awesome DIY's! Definitely worth taking a look at her channel!

I'm always looking for more YouTubers to watch...who are your favorites?

Monday, June 8, 2015

{Outfit} Exploring Wicker Park

On my summer bucket list I posted that I wanted to head to the city more often this summer. When my pal Jane asked me if I wanted to head over to Wicker Park to see the new 606 I jumped at the opportunity! Wicker Park is such a cool area; it's basically just the very hipster part of Chicago. It closely resembles SoHo, New York so of course I loved it. Chicago has so many different parts to it and seeing just this little piece made me even more eager to explore it all. There are so many cute restaurants and boutiques to check out too!

J and I explored a little bit and also checked out the new 606 (Chicago's take on the High Line). We ended up heading over to Stan's donuts as well considering the day before was national donut day! My outfit was super simple, just a plain striped tee and some distressed denim, but was perfect for walking around Wicker Park. Take a peek!

J. Crew Factory tee (similar) // American Eagle denim // Rebecca Minkoff Mini MAC // Dolce Vita sandals (similar) // Alex and Ani's & Madewell bracelet

Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Hello June + Links To Try

June is officially here! It's day #5 of summer for me and I can't say that I've done a lot yet. I made a plan that each day in the summer I would live each day to the fullest, but I've been lazy and opted to relax and watch Netflix these past few days. I think that having a few days to be relaxed is always nice, especially at the start of summer. And honestly, the weather in Chicago has been awful! Saturday I went into the city to go shopping and it was pouring rainy and so windy! Today is the first day that it's actually been nice out so I'm spending the day poolside!

With June officially here I need to get started on my summer bucket list. There's quite a few things on there, but some of them are super simple. I think my motto this summer is really just to live each day to the fullest. The summer is only so long and doing fun things each day will really just make the summer so much more fun. Here are a few things that are on my list for the summer.

1. Head to the city more often. I live so close to downtown Chicago (literally a fifteen minute car ride) and I need to start taking advantage of this! There are so many things to do in the city and I want to try them all! Last summer my friends and I loved going to yoga at Navy Pier and then going out to brunch. We also loved just exploring different areas of the city that we hadn't before!

2. Chill poolside. As much as I love Netflix, a much better way to relax in the summer is chilling by the pool. At least when you're by the pool you're getting some Vitamin D and soaking up the sun a bit! 

3. Balance out friendships & plan ahead. This year especially I've made a ton of new friends which comes with a lot of pros and cons. In the summer especially it can be difficult to ensure that I'm hanging out with everyone that I want to, but planning ahead can definitely help with this!

4. Stay away from the screens. This is truly a top tip! I don't want to waste my entire summer hiding behind a tv screen, my laptop or my phone. Seriously, there is so much more to life! I love going on YouTube and of course blogging, but setting a limit for yourself is honestly one of the best ideas for the summer--especially when you're an internet addict like myself. 

What are your summer plans?

Tuesday, June 2, 2015

{A Guide To} Lilly Agendas

Lilly Pulitzer has just released their newest agendas for the upcoming season. I've used Lilly agendas for my entire high school career and it is most definitely an essential. An agenda of any type is #1 on my list for high school essentials. I personally love agendas because they keep me organized and mainly on top of my things. It's so nice to be able to write out neatly everything that needs to be done and check it off once it's completed. For a portion of sophomore year I lost my agenda and I can't even begin to explain how clueless I was without it. During that time I wasn't finishing homework, was forgetting to study for tests and was just an overall mess because I didn't have my agenda to help me plan. Lilly agendas are especially perfect because they are perfectly laid out (plenty of space, multiple calendars, etc.) and have such fun and cute prints! I highly recommend them to anyone looking to get organized for school or just life in general.

Here's a few tips to helping you pick the perfect agenda for you!

1. Pick your size.
Lilly agendas come in a few sizes: small, medium, large and jumbo. I've always bought the large ones because I think they are the most practical. They are big enough to write things out, but not too huge. A few of my friends have used the small and medium sizes and totally love them however! It's all about what you're looking for and definitely what you're carrying it in. If you're carrying it in your backpack and are a high school/college student I'd recommend a larger size. If you're in the working world and need something smaller to fit in your purse I'd opt for the small or medium size.

2. Pick the style.
This year they have created the new option of the "covered" agenda. This means that the spiral on the side of your agenda will be covered, not revealing the white spiraling. I've had issues with previous agendas and the spiral coming off and the agenda falling apart so I may choose this new covered style to try it out. This also could have to do with the fact that my agenda was totally put through a lot over the course of the school year being thrown in my bag and not totally well cared for (oops!). 

3. Pick your print!
Now this is the fun (and difficult!) part! There are so many adorable prints to choose from, but really whatever one you choose will be cute! This year I'm adoring Lobstah Roll, Bazaar and Tusk in Sun. I'm not sure which I'll choose yet though! 

Pre-order your agenda today!

Do you use a Lilly agenda? Which new prints are you loving?