Tuesday, June 23, 2015

A Summer Soirée

I've wanted to host a summer party for the longest time now and if my kitchen weren't under construction you bet I would be! I've been scouring Pinterest for my favorite party ideas and I've found a few that I think you all would love if you're ever throwing a party! Whether it be a graduation celebration or a simple summer party these ideas are sure to steal the spotlight!
 I absolutely love tacos and I adore these fun gold balloons for a taco themed party!
 These are seriously the cutest summer party invitations I've seen yet! They're perfect for any summer gathering!
 How perfect would this pie be for a Fourth of July party? I'm already thinking ahead and planning on making it!
 A mimosa bar is always a must for any party! I love the idea of being able to customize exactly what you want to put in your mimosa!
Here's a new idea...a grilled cheese bar! Something I definitely have to try!

What are your favorite party ideas?



  1. Those taco balloons are so cute! I don't really throw parties, but if I ever do I'll definitely use those balloons! I'd also add a ice cream bar. They're great for summer parties!

    Running Alyssa

    1. Aren't they the cutest? And oh that's such a great idea, especially for the summertime! Thank you for your comment! Xo!