Thursday, June 18, 2015

How To Declutter Your Inbox

Having two emails definitely has its benefits. I'm easily able to separate personal emails from family, etc. and my favorite companies from blogging emails. I like to combine these emails on my phone and my computer so that I can have them all in one place, but can easily separate them into two different inboxes. I'm definitely one of those people that gets tons of emails from random stores I like when they're having sales, etc. But, getting so many emails a day can be overwhelming and also distracting from the emails that actually matter. Here are my top tips to declutter your inbox.

I know, getting news about the latest J.Crew sale is utterly important, but seriously when is the last time you shopped at Victoria's Secret? That's just one example but we all have the subscriptions to so many different stores that we don't tend to shop at all that often. For me I only head into Victoria's Secret if I need something, but I don't necessarily look for the upcoming sales and promotions because to be honest, I don't really care. Unsubscribing from places that you don't typically shop at will definitely help you to receive less of those irrelevant emails.

I'm one of those people that totally hesitates when deleting an email, but why? For some reason I feel like I'll need the email later on, but I never even do! Deleting emails that you know you don't care about will efficiently downsize your inbox and get rid of plenty of junk. If you're so worried that you could possibly need the email later just archive it instead and delete it when you feel ready.

Flagging emails allows you to make certain emails stand out to you if they're important. This declutters your inbox because you have all of your important emails that you need to respond to or are currently in the loop. If you're not totally into deleting emails flagging things can help you better organize your inbox.

This is probably the coolest site ever. This website tells you exactly what you're subscribed to and allows you to unsubscribe with just one click! It's seriously so cool! You'll be surprised to how many things you're subscribed to that you really don't need to be!

What are your top tips to organizing your inbox? I'd love to hear!


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