Monday, June 29, 2015

Sneaky Ways To Be Healthy

Being a teenager sometimes it seems impossible to eat healthy. I'm constantly eating out and even when I'm not pizza and other junk food seem to be top picks. However, this is just part of being a teenager. But, there are sneaky, little ways, to be a little more healthy in your daily life!

+1. Drink water
Sticking to water is probably one of the best tips I can offer. Eliminating soda, sports drinks and everything else will make you feel so much better already! Also, 75% of Americans are chronically go grab yourself some water right now.

+2. Take the stairs
There's always a choice...take the elevator/escalator or go find the stairs. Taking the stairs is something so simple, but is such a smart move! Half the time the stairs are just as close as the elevator and it's always more beneficial to take the stairs!

+3. Track it!
I recently discovered that my mom had a Fitbit lying around in her closet that she wasn't using so I've been loving tracking all of my steps each day, monitoring my sleep and also recording what I've been eating. Fitbit's are a bit pricey however and there are so many free apps that you can track everything. A few that I've tried include My Fitness Pal and Lose It!

+4. Use a smaller plate
Eating food on a smaller plate tricks your mind into thinking that you're eating more when you're usually eating less -- just because your plate looks full! Additionally, try filling the majority of your plate with something a little healthier like fruit!

What are your top tips to living a healthy lifestyle?



  1. Great ideas! I've been focusing on staying healthy this summer!


    1. It's such a great goal for the summer! Thanks so much for your comment Ash! Xo!

  2. These are such good tips to keep in mind! Loved this post.