Friday, July 31, 2015


Happy Friday! This past week I was at dance camp with my team so excuse me if I wasn't all over social media. This weekend might not be any better because I'm attending Lollapalooza on Friday and Saturday. I've never been before, but I'm hoping it's a good time! I wasn't online all week, so there aren't a ton of links!

+Gracey posted her Martha's Vineyard Island Guide and it totally makes me want to hop on a plane and head there right now. Hopefully sometime in the near future I get to check it out!

+These Tory Burch riding boots are seriously the love of my life.

+I just discovered Mallory's blog and I'm totally in love! Definitely check out her incredible DIY wall art pieces. They are seriously so cute!

+Great minds think alike! Caroline and I both posted about off the shoulder picks this week! Check out hers here!

+Did you see my latest outfit post? I'm totally obsessed with my dress!

+Oh and this song by Sam Hunt is my current jam. Listen here!

+Oops I almost forgot! BaubleBar is having a major sale! Use code XMASINJULY to get 30% off sitewide! I'm totally obsessed with this coordinate necklace and this fun earring set!

Have a super fun weekend!

Thursday, July 30, 2015

My Fitbit

I mentioned on Twitter that I recently got a Fitbit! Well what actually happened was my brother and I discovered two Fitbit's in my parent's closet that they weren't using so we snagged them for ourselves haha. A Fitbit was something that I had wanted for a while, but wasn't totally ready to actually spend the money on one. I have the Fitbit band in black and it's perfect! They have so many different bands on Amazon though that are super cheap and come in pretty much every color! I might have to buy the navy one because I think it will match my outfits better. But of course I'm still completely obsessed with the Tory Burch Fitbit band! Here are a few frequently asked questions and answers about my Fitbit.

What Fitbit do you have?
I have the Fitbit flex in black. The bands are totally interchangeable however so if you're not in love with the color you have you can totally change it out. The flex is the simplest Fitbit they sell and doesn't have any display, other than the five dots that appear on the band if you tap it twice.

How exactly do you use it?
The Fitbit is actually super simple to use! It's all on an app that you can download. The actual Fitbit itself is pretty much just a band with the little pod inside of it. You set it up using the app and the band records everything on it.

What does it do?
The FitBit does many things including...tracking your daily steps, any workout, the number of active minutes you have in a day, your food/water intake and your sleep cycle. The only issue I have with it is that it is time consuming to be constantly adding what I'm eating or how much water I'm drinking. I do enjoy how automatic it is with your steps and workouts though!

Is it worth the money?
Truly, it wasn't something I would spend my own money on. I'm not that much of a health guru, but having found one in my house gave me the chance to try it out risk free. I'm super glad I did though because I truly ended up loving it! It's totally worth the money and if you're planning on using it daily it really helps you put your health in perspective and record all that you're doing to promote a healthy lifestyle.

My overall opinion on my Fitbit is that I love it dearly and wear it very often. The only downside to me is that I don't find it to be super stylish. I currently have the black band and I'm thinking about purchasing a navy one just because it will match more of what I wear, but overall it's not like a super cute jewelry piece. It does, however, have a purpose! If you're into health and tracking your workouts/daily fitness this is totally a product for you.

Do you have a Fitbit & how do you feel about it?

Wednesday, July 29, 2015

10 Off The Shoulder Pieces

Since the beginning of spring I knew that off the shoulder was going to be a huge trend this spring and summer. And of course, I knew I needed to have at least one thing that is off the shoulder. I think the style is overall super flattering, but also so cute! I've rounded up my top ten off the shoulder pieces from this season that you should check out! If you haven't already purchased something off the shoulder you definitely should--it's seriously so fun to wear! Check out my favorite off the shoulder dress here!
Do you like the off the shoulder trend?

Tuesday, July 28, 2015

{Outfit} Open Shoulder Dress

My obsession with Caitlin from Southern Curls & Pearls is unreal and when I saw her sporting this dress in white I knew I just had to have it. A reasonable $48 from Nordstrom I knew this dress needed to be in my closet. After I received it in the mail I wasn't fond of it at all. I thought it fit awkwardly and just wasn't flattering, but I figured I'd keep the tags on it and bring it with me to Hawaii just in case I needed it. I ended up wearing it two nights in Hawaii and plenty of times here at home. Navy is probably my favorite color (along with gold!) and I just love the peekaboo shoulders! Last week a few girlfriends and I headed into the city to go out to dinner and ended up eating our weight at an adorable Italian restaurant outside. I just love getting dressed up for fun nights on the town and this dress was the perfect attire for a breezy summer night! 

Nordstrom dress (similar) // crochet wedges (similar) // Marley Lilly clutch // Alex & Ani's // Kendra Scott cuff

Monday, July 27, 2015

The Perks of Rebranding

I was doing some reading over at Ashley's new blog Lilly & Lemons (formerly Private School Prepster) and she recently wrote a post on why you should rebrand your blog. I was inspired to then write my own post! About a year ago (yes, A Sprinkle of Kate turned one in June!) I really wanted to make a change to my blog. I had two previous blogs before Preppy Daily and Seersucker + Stripes, but I never felt like those names totally encompassed my personal style. I wanted to create an entirely new site that wouldn't restrict me as I grew and expanded my style. A Sprinkle of Kate seemed like the perfect thing because it incorporated my name, something that would never change! If you're considering to rebrand your blog I'd definitely recommend it, but be sure you have enough reasons!

A New Name
One of the main reasons I wanted to change my blog was to revamp it with an entirely new name and image. If you're planning on getting a new name be sure to pick something you feel that you can expand on. One thing I remember hearing from Carly at the Smart Girls conference last summer was that she wished she hadn't named her blog The College Prepster. Clearly now she's still a prepster, but she's not in college. Make sure you choose something that you know will be able to grow with you.

A New Image
My main motive to rebranding my blog was a new name, but along with that I opted to get my site professionally designed and I'm so glad I did. When I first started blogging I enjoyed messing around with HTML and designing my own site. I quickly learned that it just wasn't totally my thing and I better have an expert make my site look cute and professional. I love my blog design and it was totally worth every penny.

New Opportunities
My old blogs I consider to be starter blogs where I wrote about nonchalant things like Gossip Girl characters and what I was up to that day. Now that I have this blog I definitely filter what I write about to create a sharper image of my life. Not that I only want to write about the finer things in life, but I would say that my old blogs were just a bit childish. With my new blog came new opportunities to work with companies that I truly don't think I would've ever received with my old blogs.

If you have any more questions about rebranding your blog feel free to email me here! Trust me, I've been through it all and I can help you along the exciting journey!

Friday, July 24, 2015


This week was a week where it actually felt like summer! It was nice out and I spent a few days poolside, I met up with Kathleen, and headed to the city for a girl's night out. Although, something tragic did happen! I was cleaning out my computer and I accidentally deleted my entire iPhoto library. That's 20,000 photos gone forever. I even chatted with the people from Apple and they told me there was no way to recover them. Thankfully a bunch of my photos are on here and on Facebook. Lesson learned and be sure to back everything up. Here's what I found exploring this week.

+As if my obsession with Blake Lively wasn't intense enough this 73 question interview with Blake made me love her even more. I also love this one with Victoria Beckham!

+I'm totally loving this scarf and it's on major sale at Nordstrom!!!

+Lilly is seriously killing it with their collection right now. I just had the pleasure of visiting the new store near me and I totally fell in love!

+I think I'm just gonna move into Reese Witherspoon's house

+I'm headed to dance camp next week and I need to get back on my stretching grind. I'm totally loving this 20 minute full body stretch.

+Oh, and be sure that we're pals on Snapchat! Add me: asprinkleofkate

Have a fabulous weekend!

Thursday, July 23, 2015

Meeting Kathleen (Let's Get Preppy)

In spite of the Smart Girls conference in Chicago being cancelled I still thought it would be so fun to meet up with one of my fellow Chicago bloggers. Kathleen suggested we meet up at Sprinkles and I couldn't think of a more perfect venue! We munched on their amazing cupcakes and chatted it up! Her cousin met with us and she was seriously so sweet!
After enjoying cupcakes we made our way to the new Vineyard Vines store on Rush. I seriously fell in love! The store is seriously too cute. And I can't help but think we totally matched the store because Kathleen and I were both wearing dresses from VV. We shopped around a bit then headed to Starbuck's so Kathleen and I could chat about blogging.
My absolute favorite thing that blogging has brought me is the amazing relationships that you can create from blogging. Had I not started blogging I would have never had the chance to meet such cool people like Kathleen! Thankfully we live so close so we'll definitely meet up again.

With all that said, if you live near Chicago or are heading into town do not hesitate to email me here if you want to meet up! I'd love to meet you! Whether you're a blogger or just a reader.

Wednesday, July 22, 2015


Me and my dad at prom. Awww ;)

I was recently thinking about people in my life that are super hardworking. There are so many people that came to mind, but the main person that came to mind was my dad. I don't normally post super personal stuff on my blog, but I thought this type of post was too great of an idea to pass up.

My dad has always been a hardworking man, but recently he's just been over the top. He's constantly working, but is always cheery when he comes walking in the door at the end of the day. Also, my grandpa had surgery recently (shoutout to my grandpa, my biggest blog fan!) and my dad has been staying with him in not the most comfortable conditions just be there for his own dad.

When Chobani emailed me recently talking about their newest product Chobani flips with the motto #breakyoumake I couldn't think of a better person than my dad who deserves a break! And one of the best ways to take a short break throughout your day is with a Chobani flip! If you haven't tried them, you seriously better get your butt to the store and buy some. The peach pistachio is seriously heavenly. Peach, pistachio and dark chocolate doesn't sound like a sweet combination, but it's seriously amazing.

Who do you think deserves a break? Share it with the #breakyoumake!

**Thank you to Chobani for suggesting this post!

Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Oahu Recap

I know I got back from Hawaii all too long ago, but I still wanted to do a recap on my fun little trip! It was quite short, but so much fun! I've absolutely loved Hawaii every time I went and this trip wasn't any different. Here's a recap of my trip to Oahu! Btw I kind of forgot about my camera for the majority of the trip besides the beginning and the end so I included whatever photos I did have!

While in Hawaii we stayed at the Disney resort there Aulani. It is seriously so beautiful and I couldn't get over the crisp blue water and flowers everywhere. Not to mention seeing Mickey & Minnie wearing Hawaiian clothing was too much fun. 
 My favorite part of Hawaiian vacations has to be being greeted by leis when you arrive at the airport/hotel. They smell amazing, not to mention they are so beautiful! It's just so unfortunate that they only last a few days. 
 After exploring the resort with my camera for a bit it was already time to head down to the beach for a dinner. The first night's dinner was so pretty and the tables were literally in the sand. I truly didn't even need shoes! Hawaii is always a little difficult because it's five hours behind Chicago time so when you're out until 10 pm it's really 3 am. Needless to say I didn't stay out very late at night and I woke up fairly early (for me, at least) each morning.
The next few days are sort of a blur of hitting the beach and pool, eating shave ice and catching some rays. I definitely favor the beach to the pool, but the infinity pool was so pretty! We did attend a beach luau (when I wore this off the shoulder number) complete with hula dancers and fire jugglers. 
 The last night we went to Pearl Harbor which was extremely interesting. They had a retired General (author of the book Team of Teams) speak about his experience as a General. After listening to him we headed aboard the U.S.S. Missouri for a cocktail hour. The ship was massive but it was fun to explore! After the ship we headed to the hangar museum for a party. This was probably my favorite night because the venue was a plane museum and the party was a 1940's theme! It was so fun and festive. 
The worst part of all was heading back home. I tried to convince my mom to let me live in Hawaii for the rest of the summer, but she wasn't buying it. Overall it was a fab trip though and I can't wait to be back!

Monday, July 20, 2015

Nordstrom Sale Picks

Yesterday I shopped the Nordstrom sale and I'm totally loving the picks I bought! The only bad thing about the Nordstrom sale is that the majority of the clothes are for the fall. But the great thing is that you'll get amazing deals on all of your fall essentials! I've already purchased a few things and you can see those below. Aside from that there are still a few faves of mine that I didn't pick up...nothing haunts us more than the things we didn't buy. But I'm trying to restrain myself to not make too many purchases before J.Crew releases all of their fall swoon! Take a peek at what I purchased and a few other items I wish I had snagged. 

What I purchased:

These are the items I totally love/wish I purchased! If you see something you like on sale be sure to snag it while you can because things sell out super fast! If you're feeling sad because one of your favorite items sold out way too quick, keep checking back to see if it was re-stocked because last summer I was dying for a pair of Frye boots and they sold out, but ended up coming back in stock! So if you're lucky you might still be able to get it!

Friday, July 17, 2015


Yes it's the weekend! Coming back from Hawaii on Sunday was so rough this week and I pretty much just moped around in denial that I wasn't living on a beach any longer. The end of summer is quickly approaching so I'm trying to get everything in before the summer ends. Next on my list...go to a concert in Millennium Park! Here are a few of my favorites from this week.

+I just updated my about page and I love it! I was bored with the old look and I wanted to update it a bit with some new pictures. Be sure to check it out!

+My latest obsession? Kate from A Lonestar State of Southern! I fell in love with her blog when I first found it, but more recently I've fallen in love with her YouTube channel! She's seriously the cutest and her personality reminds me a lot of Elle Woods. What's not to love?

+#1 on my wishlist right now is a subscription to The Planner Addict Box. Similar to Birchbox it's a monthly subscription box with things for your planner! During the school year I write down everything in my planner and I'd love to receive new stickers, stamps and fun organization ideas each month! Let me know if you want to see a post on how I organize my agenda!

+I cannot write this post without addressing the fact that the Nordstrom sale is happening RIGHT NOW! Every blogger has been talking about it, but I haven't done that much shopping! A few of my favorites from the sale include these Frye boots, these Jack Rogers, this Kendra Scott cuff, and these Hunter boots! The sale is on today for everyone, not just cardholders! Happy shopping!

+I'm still so upset that the Smart Girls conference in Chicago was cancelled, but I am so so so excited to meet up with a fellow Chicago blogger next week! Follow me on snapchat (asprinkleofkate) and Instagram @sprinklesofkate for updates on our meet up!

Have an incredible weekend!

Thursday, July 16, 2015

{A Guide To} Blogging Conference Essentials

As I mentioned earlier in the week the Chicago smart girls conference was cancelled two weeks ago due to venue cancellations. I was so upset when I heard this news because {one} I was so excited to go and {two} I had planned a post on how to dress for the upcoming conference. In light of the cancellation I opted for a broader topic, my essentials for any blogging conference. I'm not too experienced (I've only been to one conference), but having been I learned a few things that I should have brought, a few things I didn't need and things I should have done before the conference. Let's start with the things you should do before the conference. 

So you just bought tickets to a blogging conference near you and you are so so so so excited! What to do first? 

Personally when I attended the conference I felt that it was a bit clique-y to begin with. I didn't realize that a lot of the girls had communicated before hand about getting dinner, meeting up, and all that sort of stuff beforehand. I made plans a few weeks before the trip to meet up with Anna and Hunter the day before the conference. I was so glad I did because it was nice going into the conference having already met a few lovely ladies. Once I got to the conference I met a few other girls who I had talked to online before, but a lot of the girls I truly didn't know. I quickly realized that I should've emailed a few other people and talked to them about meeting each other at the conference. That way I'd already have reasons to be talking to people and then could meet others through them too! Had I emailed more girls before attending I think I would've felt a little more comfortable meeting new people.

Customize Your Blog
If your blog is already at a point where you love the design and layout you're already there! Before I went to the conference I had just switched over from my old blog (lol--it's so embarrassing now!) to this new one. I felt it was the perfect time to go to a conference because I knew that introducing my new site before the conference would allow for new potential readers to see the new site and (hopefully) like what they see. If you've been thinking about getting your blog professionally designed or re-doing it yourself do this before you get to the conference. That way when your new besties are exploring your site it has a clean, beautiful design that totally encompasses you! It also can't hurt to redesign your about page and make it all cute and stuff!

Get Business Cards
Of course with my luck my business cards ended up coming in the mail the day after we had left. I was so crushed because I spent a lot of time and money getting those cards custom designed and getting the quickest shipping I could! Having business cards makes it so much easier for people you meet to find your site. If all your information is on that card they can easily get to your blog, contact you and see what you're all about! Take a look at my business cards here!

Plan your outfits!
Most conference attire is business casual. The first day of the NYC conference last year was a pineapple dress from J.Crew and denim jacket shown above. The second day I wore a Vineyard Vines shift dress that can be seen here. Truly, wear something you'll feel good in. I wouldn't totally go for ripped jeans and a t-shirt just because you want to look nice! Opt for dresses, skirts, statement jewelry and fun flats for a super chic look! White jeans are always acceptable too!

Have fun & be yourself
When you're at the conference the most important part is to be interactive with the people you're talking to and listening to. Make new friends and new memories. The most important part of the conference isn't always what you take away, but also the connections you make while at the conference.

I've rounded up my essentials for any blogging conference and listed them below!

+notebook & pen (preferably something cute {!} for note taking)
+bag (something chic works best)
+phone and extra charger
+business cards
+gum--just to freshen up; you want to make your best impression
+your smile!!!

Are you going to any blog conferences soon? What are your essentials?

Tuesday, July 14, 2015

{Outfit} Coral Tassels

When I was in Hawaii it was only fitting that I attended a beach luau. It was so much fun and we were greeted with shell necklaces and Hawaiian drinks! I had been searching for an off the shoulder dress for some time and I finally found this adorable one and knew I had to have it. It was perfect for the occasion, the only complaint I have is that it was a bit hot for Hawaii. I also purchased Jack Rogers this summer and I am so glad I did! I got my mom hooked on them too and she bought herself two pairs! Anyways, the landscape on Oahu was too gorgeous not to take pictures of so I was sure to shoot this outfit on some rocks above the ocean. I'm in love!

Monday, July 13, 2015


First off let me start by saying I've been absolutely awful at remaining consistent with blogging this summer and I totally don't know why. I used to be so good at posting five times a week and actually taking the time to blog. This summer has been somewhat busy, but not to the point where I have actual excuses to not posting. But, I'm really trying to take the time to write quality posts and actually be consistent. Anyways, here's a little update on what I've been up to these past few weeks.

You probably know that last week I was in Oahu and let me tell you I absolutely loved it. Hawaii is definitely one of my top vacation destinations and it's so much fun to explore different islands! I spent my time relaxing by the beach and pool and soaking up the sun! Hawaii is also five hours behind Chicago so that makes things a little difficult, but also kind of nice because I wake up much earlier than I would at home. #moretantime

I'm on Snapchat! I've decided to follow the trend of making a blog snapchat and I totally love it! It's so easy to add a story of what I'm doing and update all of you! Be sure to add me and follow along! It's seriously so much fun! I update this religiously so be sure to check it out.

Add: asprinkleofkate

SGC Chicago
I've been seeing so many snaps and photos from SGC NYC and I totally missed out *tear. I just heard that the Chicago Smart Girls conference was cancelled and I'm seriously so sad! I was so looking forward to meeting so many cool people and also just experiencing the conference because I missed the one in NYC. I guess there's always NYC next year :).

I'm always super bad about consistently posting outfits on my blog, but I took a few pics in Hawaii and I'm so excited to share these outfits with you this week! I'm also trying to get on more of a schedule of what a post and when so that I have zero excuses to not be consistent when blogging. Let me know if there's anything specific you want to see! I'm open to anything!

Stay tuned!

Wednesday, July 8, 2015

{A Guide To} Packing For Tropical Vacation

I'm officially in Oahu for the week! I've been to Maui and Kauai before, but I couldn't be more excited to explore a new island. I'm bummed I'll miss out on the NYC Smart Girls conference, but I'll live vicariously through everyone's photos on Instagram! Be sure to follow me on Instagram too @sprinklesofkate for updates on my daily activities in Hawaii!

Packing for a trip never is easy--it's the shopping that seems to be all the fun. But, if you plan accordingly, packing for your trip can make it so much easier to get dressed each day! These tips are more for a tropical vacation because I don't tend to go on "adventure" type vacations all that often. Here are my top tips to packing for a tropical vacation.

+1. Plenty of beachwear
This may seem like a no-brainer, but be sure you have enough swimsuits & beach dresses for the week. Obviously you can wear the same swimsuit a couple of times, but I personally feel like it's more fun to switch it up with your suits. Oh, and don't forget your sunscreen! Sunburn isn't too cute.

+2. Keep it breezy
The point of a tropical vacation is to seek a warmer climate usually so be sure to pack plenty of light, breezy items to ensure that you're feeling cool while in the warm weather.

+3. Don't forget your sunscreen
Because of my Irish roots I'm not usually the one to tan very easily. Especially under the hot sun in Hawaii I have to be extra careful with spending time in the sun. I am always sure to reapply frequently and always pack some aloe just in case I get a little burnt.

+4. Stick to flats
For this trip especially I've only brought one pair of wedges and my mom actually didn't bring any heels at all. Most of our dinners for this trip are on the beach so it's so much easier to go with just simple sandals! I end up going barefoot by the end of the night anyway haha :)

+5. Dresses + rompers
For this trip I've really just brought a bunch of dresses and rompers. There are some that are a bit fancier that work for the events we go to at night and some that are more casual that are perfect to wear to the beach/pool. I have been wearing pretty much all dresses and rompers this entire trip so far!

What are your top tips to packing for a tropical vacay?

Tuesday, July 7, 2015

What I Eat In A Day

Basically, my diet changes from day to day, but I wanted to do my best to create a post that discussed what I eat in one day! Ideally, this is what I eat, but obviously it changes sometimes--especially in the summer.

Depending on how hungry I am I tend to gravitate towards fruit--whatever we have on hand or an everything bagel with cream cheese. Because I tend to sleep late sometimes I just skip breakfast altogether (oops!), but I am always sure to drink water when I first wake up. 

Our kitchen is under construction so recently lunch for me has been a salad from the bar at Whole Foods. It's truly the healthiest thing that's closest enough to "eating out". We don't have much stocked in our makeshift kitchen anyways, and grabbing a salad from Whole Foods is the perfect way to stay healthy, but not eat from home. 

The one thing we do have is a grill so this summer especially my family has been constantly grilling out. A typical dinner would be either grilled chicken or steak, rice and grilled vegetables (bell peppers, zucchini and onion). 

In between meals some of my favorite things to eat include...skinny pop or smartfood cheddar popcorn, tortilla chips and salsa or pretzel crisps and hummus. I tend to lean more towards savory things so I like to add something with a bit of spice to my palette.

I don't always go out for dessert, but occasionally my friends and I will head to our favorite ice cream place and I'll get my favorite vanilla chocolate chip ice cream sandwich. It's such a delicious treat!

What do you eat in a day?

Friday, July 3, 2015

{Outfit} Star Spangled

Happy fourth of July weekend! I'm headed to the lake this weekend and I couldn't be more stoked. I'm excited to get away for the weekend for fun times with friends! I don't think I'll be on the internet much during the weekend, but be sure to follow me on Instagram @sprinklesofkate because I'll be sure to update that!

I seriously love dressing up for the fourth and this year was no exception! I purchased this VV tee from the new store in Chicago and I couldn't be more in love. I had to get a size up because they were completely sold out, but the bigger the t-shirt, the better! I have been eyeing this shirt for some time now and I'm glad to finally have it in my collection. This flag sweater is another item perfect for Fourth of July! I had been wanting a flag sweater for the longest time and had searched high and low online, even scouring eBay for a great sweater. I was out thrifting one day and I found this sweater for $10! I seriously couldn't pass up the offer! I finished off both looks with white jeans and silver Jack's for super casual, yet festive attire.

What are you wearing to celebrate the fourth?

Have a safe & fun weekend!

Thursday, July 2, 2015

How To Get Free Preppy Stickers

To be honest I never actually use stickers. They always seem to pile up because I want to save them for something extra special. But, now that I know the secret to getting as many stickers as I want I'm definitely going to put them on everything! I have a Vineyard Vines whale sticker on my water bottle,  but have also thought about putting some on my agenda, my calculator, my laptop and more! And I've got quite a few stickers headed my way right now! Here are some of the companies that will send you stickers if you just ask!

#1. Southern Tide
Use this link to enter your info and they'll send you stickers for free!

#2. Patagonia
Use this link to request stickers from Patagonia. They send you two stickers at random and I've loved the ones they sent me!

#3. Vineyard Vines
Although they have stickers for sale on their site you can totally contact them here and ask them to send you a sticker! Mention something like you love their brand and would love to be able to represent their brand with a sticker.

#4. Southern Marsh
Click this link and submit your info! They even let you choose which sticker you want!

#5. Marley Lilly
Marley Lilly has so many free stickers available on their site! It works best if you order something online and then just add the free stickers to your cart because they do make you pay for shipping. Use this link!

#6. Jadelynn Brooke
Fill out this form and they'll send a few stickers your way!

#7. Tiny Tulip
Like Marley Lilly this site makes you pay for shipping so it's much easier to order something online and then just add stickers to your cart using this link.

#8. Smathers & Branson
Contact them here and mention that you'd love some stickers from you! They sent me a bunch!

#9. Southern Anchor
Again, they have stickers for sale on their site, but if you politely ask they will gladly send you a few stickers! Use this email.

#10. Krass & Co.
Email them here and ask them for a few stickers!

Any more places that will send you stickers that I don't know about? I'd love to hear!