Thursday, July 16, 2015

{A Guide To} Blogging Conference Essentials

As I mentioned earlier in the week the Chicago smart girls conference was cancelled two weeks ago due to venue cancellations. I was so upset when I heard this news because {one} I was so excited to go and {two} I had planned a post on how to dress for the upcoming conference. In light of the cancellation I opted for a broader topic, my essentials for any blogging conference. I'm not too experienced (I've only been to one conference), but having been I learned a few things that I should have brought, a few things I didn't need and things I should have done before the conference. Let's start with the things you should do before the conference. 

So you just bought tickets to a blogging conference near you and you are so so so so excited! What to do first? 

Personally when I attended the conference I felt that it was a bit clique-y to begin with. I didn't realize that a lot of the girls had communicated before hand about getting dinner, meeting up, and all that sort of stuff beforehand. I made plans a few weeks before the trip to meet up with Anna and Hunter the day before the conference. I was so glad I did because it was nice going into the conference having already met a few lovely ladies. Once I got to the conference I met a few other girls who I had talked to online before, but a lot of the girls I truly didn't know. I quickly realized that I should've emailed a few other people and talked to them about meeting each other at the conference. That way I'd already have reasons to be talking to people and then could meet others through them too! Had I emailed more girls before attending I think I would've felt a little more comfortable meeting new people.

Customize Your Blog
If your blog is already at a point where you love the design and layout you're already there! Before I went to the conference I had just switched over from my old blog (lol--it's so embarrassing now!) to this new one. I felt it was the perfect time to go to a conference because I knew that introducing my new site before the conference would allow for new potential readers to see the new site and (hopefully) like what they see. If you've been thinking about getting your blog professionally designed or re-doing it yourself do this before you get to the conference. That way when your new besties are exploring your site it has a clean, beautiful design that totally encompasses you! It also can't hurt to redesign your about page and make it all cute and stuff!

Get Business Cards
Of course with my luck my business cards ended up coming in the mail the day after we had left. I was so crushed because I spent a lot of time and money getting those cards custom designed and getting the quickest shipping I could! Having business cards makes it so much easier for people you meet to find your site. If all your information is on that card they can easily get to your blog, contact you and see what you're all about! Take a look at my business cards here!

Plan your outfits!
Most conference attire is business casual. The first day of the NYC conference last year was a pineapple dress from J.Crew and denim jacket shown above. The second day I wore a Vineyard Vines shift dress that can be seen here. Truly, wear something you'll feel good in. I wouldn't totally go for ripped jeans and a t-shirt just because you want to look nice! Opt for dresses, skirts, statement jewelry and fun flats for a super chic look! White jeans are always acceptable too!

Have fun & be yourself
When you're at the conference the most important part is to be interactive with the people you're talking to and listening to. Make new friends and new memories. The most important part of the conference isn't always what you take away, but also the connections you make while at the conference.

I've rounded up my essentials for any blogging conference and listed them below!

+notebook & pen (preferably something cute {!} for note taking)
+bag (something chic works best)
+phone and extra charger
+business cards
+gum--just to freshen up; you want to make your best impression
+your smile!!!

Are you going to any blog conferences soon? What are your essentials?



  1. I've wanted to go to a blogging conference ever since I heard about them! Unfortunately for me, I don't have the money I need or even means of transportation to and from a blogging conference. Mostly likely not next year, but hopefully by 2017 I'll have everything figured out so I can go to one. I'm sorry to hear about yours being cancelled, that must have been a bummer! Good luck at your next conference though!

    Running Alyssa

    1. They are so much fun, but they tend to be expensive to travel to. Thanks so much Alyssa! I hope you get to attend a conference in the future! Xoxo!