Thursday, July 30, 2015

My Fitbit

I mentioned on Twitter that I recently got a Fitbit! Well what actually happened was my brother and I discovered two Fitbit's in my parent's closet that they weren't using so we snagged them for ourselves haha. A Fitbit was something that I had wanted for a while, but wasn't totally ready to actually spend the money on one. I have the Fitbit band in black and it's perfect! They have so many different bands on Amazon though that are super cheap and come in pretty much every color! I might have to buy the navy one because I think it will match my outfits better. But of course I'm still completely obsessed with the Tory Burch Fitbit band! Here are a few frequently asked questions and answers about my Fitbit.

What Fitbit do you have?
I have the Fitbit flex in black. The bands are totally interchangeable however so if you're not in love with the color you have you can totally change it out. The flex is the simplest Fitbit they sell and doesn't have any display, other than the five dots that appear on the band if you tap it twice.

How exactly do you use it?
The Fitbit is actually super simple to use! It's all on an app that you can download. The actual Fitbit itself is pretty much just a band with the little pod inside of it. You set it up using the app and the band records everything on it.

What does it do?
The FitBit does many things including...tracking your daily steps, any workout, the number of active minutes you have in a day, your food/water intake and your sleep cycle. The only issue I have with it is that it is time consuming to be constantly adding what I'm eating or how much water I'm drinking. I do enjoy how automatic it is with your steps and workouts though!

Is it worth the money?
Truly, it wasn't something I would spend my own money on. I'm not that much of a health guru, but having found one in my house gave me the chance to try it out risk free. I'm super glad I did though because I truly ended up loving it! It's totally worth the money and if you're planning on using it daily it really helps you put your health in perspective and record all that you're doing to promote a healthy lifestyle.

My overall opinion on my Fitbit is that I love it dearly and wear it very often. The only downside to me is that I don't find it to be super stylish. I currently have the black band and I'm thinking about purchasing a navy one just because it will match more of what I wear, but overall it's not like a super cute jewelry piece. It does, however, have a purpose! If you're into health and tracking your workouts/daily fitness this is totally a product for you.

Do you have a Fitbit & how do you feel about it?



  1. I still haven't gotten one, though I have wanted one for a while! Maybe I'll give in soon!
    xx, Mikkaela
    The Southwestern Prepster

    1. It really is so awesome! It also totally motivates you to workout! Xo!

  2. I just got a Fitbit charge for my birthday last week! It's really just a step above the flex because there is a screen that tells the time, the amount of steps you've taken, calories burned, and how many flights of stairs you've taken. I really enjoy it. I do agree about logging your food and water intake. It can be hard if they don't have the food you've eaten already logged into the system. My favorite part is that it tracks your sleep!


    1. It can definitely be a hassle to log everything, especially when it's not there! But it's totally worth your time and really helps you take hold of your fitness! Thanks so much for your comment Bailey! Xoxo!

  3. I work in retail and love my fitbit! It's very useful because I walk while at work so it's like a different way of excessing some days!


    1. That's so awesome! I'm sure it's a crazy number how much you walk each day at work! Xo!