Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Oahu Recap

I know I got back from Hawaii all too long ago, but I still wanted to do a recap on my fun little trip! It was quite short, but so much fun! I've absolutely loved Hawaii every time I went and this trip wasn't any different. Here's a recap of my trip to Oahu! Btw I kind of forgot about my camera for the majority of the trip besides the beginning and the end so I included whatever photos I did have!

While in Hawaii we stayed at the Disney resort there Aulani. It is seriously so beautiful and I couldn't get over the crisp blue water and flowers everywhere. Not to mention seeing Mickey & Minnie wearing Hawaiian clothing was too much fun. 
 My favorite part of Hawaiian vacations has to be being greeted by leis when you arrive at the airport/hotel. They smell amazing, not to mention they are so beautiful! It's just so unfortunate that they only last a few days. 
 After exploring the resort with my camera for a bit it was already time to head down to the beach for a dinner. The first night's dinner was so pretty and the tables were literally in the sand. I truly didn't even need shoes! Hawaii is always a little difficult because it's five hours behind Chicago time so when you're out until 10 pm it's really 3 am. Needless to say I didn't stay out very late at night and I woke up fairly early (for me, at least) each morning.
The next few days are sort of a blur of hitting the beach and pool, eating shave ice and catching some rays. I definitely favor the beach to the pool, but the infinity pool was so pretty! We did attend a beach luau (when I wore this off the shoulder number) complete with hula dancers and fire jugglers. 
 The last night we went to Pearl Harbor which was extremely interesting. They had a retired General (author of the book Team of Teams) speak about his experience as a General. After listening to him we headed aboard the U.S.S. Missouri for a cocktail hour. The ship was massive but it was fun to explore! After the ship we headed to the hangar museum for a party. This was probably my favorite night because the venue was a plane museum and the party was a 1940's theme! It was so fun and festive. 
The worst part of all was heading back home. I tried to convince my mom to let me live in Hawaii for the rest of the summer, but she wasn't buying it. Overall it was a fab trip though and I can't wait to be back!



  1. I'm jealous, this looks amazing! It is SO hard to leave vacations, but I'm glad you had a good time!


    1. Thanks Emma! I had such an amazing time, but it was definitely emotional leaving such a fun place! Xoxo!

  2. Oh my gosh this is way too pretty! Love that selfie too!

    Emily |

    1. Haha thank you so much Emily! Xoxo!