Friday, July 24, 2015


This week was a week where it actually felt like summer! It was nice out and I spent a few days poolside, I met up with Kathleen, and headed to the city for a girl's night out. Although, something tragic did happen! I was cleaning out my computer and I accidentally deleted my entire iPhoto library. That's 20,000 photos gone forever. I even chatted with the people from Apple and they told me there was no way to recover them. Thankfully a bunch of my photos are on here and on Facebook. Lesson learned and be sure to back everything up. Here's what I found exploring this week.

+As if my obsession with Blake Lively wasn't intense enough this 73 question interview with Blake made me love her even more. I also love this one with Victoria Beckham!

+I'm totally loving this scarf and it's on major sale at Nordstrom!!!

+Lilly is seriously killing it with their collection right now. I just had the pleasure of visiting the new store near me and I totally fell in love!

+I think I'm just gonna move into Reese Witherspoon's house

+I'm headed to dance camp next week and I need to get back on my stretching grind. I'm totally loving this 20 minute full body stretch.

+Oh, and be sure that we're pals on Snapchat! Add me: asprinkleofkate

Have a fabulous weekend!


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