Monday, July 27, 2015

The Perks of Rebranding

I was doing some reading over at Ashley's new blog Lilly & Lemons (formerly Private School Prepster) and she recently wrote a post on why you should rebrand your blog. I was inspired to then write my own post! About a year ago (yes, A Sprinkle of Kate turned one in June!) I really wanted to make a change to my blog. I had two previous blogs before Preppy Daily and Seersucker + Stripes, but I never felt like those names totally encompassed my personal style. I wanted to create an entirely new site that wouldn't restrict me as I grew and expanded my style. A Sprinkle of Kate seemed like the perfect thing because it incorporated my name, something that would never change! If you're considering to rebrand your blog I'd definitely recommend it, but be sure you have enough reasons!

A New Name
One of the main reasons I wanted to change my blog was to revamp it with an entirely new name and image. If you're planning on getting a new name be sure to pick something you feel that you can expand on. One thing I remember hearing from Carly at the Smart Girls conference last summer was that she wished she hadn't named her blog The College Prepster. Clearly now she's still a prepster, but she's not in college. Make sure you choose something that you know will be able to grow with you.

A New Image
My main motive to rebranding my blog was a new name, but along with that I opted to get my site professionally designed and I'm so glad I did. When I first started blogging I enjoyed messing around with HTML and designing my own site. I quickly learned that it just wasn't totally my thing and I better have an expert make my site look cute and professional. I love my blog design and it was totally worth every penny.

New Opportunities
My old blogs I consider to be starter blogs where I wrote about nonchalant things like Gossip Girl characters and what I was up to that day. Now that I have this blog I definitely filter what I write about to create a sharper image of my life. Not that I only want to write about the finer things in life, but I would say that my old blogs were just a bit childish. With my new blog came new opportunities to work with companies that I truly don't think I would've ever received with my old blogs.

If you have any more questions about rebranding your blog feel free to email me here! Trust me, I've been through it all and I can help you along the exciting journey!



  1. I literally just got my blog redone professionally last night because I decided my old layout was too childish! And I am in the process of changing my name too, love this post! :) So happy I found your blog!!

    xoxo, Mal

    1. I totally LOVE your new blog! It's so adorable and fitting for you! Thanks Mallory! I'm so glad you're here! Xoxo!