Tuesday, July 7, 2015

What I Eat In A Day

Basically, my diet changes from day to day, but I wanted to do my best to create a post that discussed what I eat in one day! Ideally, this is what I eat, but obviously it changes sometimes--especially in the summer.

Depending on how hungry I am I tend to gravitate towards fruit--whatever we have on hand or an everything bagel with cream cheese. Because I tend to sleep late sometimes I just skip breakfast altogether (oops!), but I am always sure to drink water when I first wake up. 

Our kitchen is under construction so recently lunch for me has been a salad from the bar at Whole Foods. It's truly the healthiest thing that's closest enough to "eating out". We don't have much stocked in our makeshift kitchen anyways, and grabbing a salad from Whole Foods is the perfect way to stay healthy, but not eat from home. 

The one thing we do have is a grill so this summer especially my family has been constantly grilling out. A typical dinner would be either grilled chicken or steak, rice and grilled vegetables (bell peppers, zucchini and onion). 

In between meals some of my favorite things to eat include...skinny pop or smartfood cheddar popcorn, tortilla chips and salsa or pretzel crisps and hummus. I tend to lean more towards savory things so I like to add something with a bit of spice to my palette.

I don't always go out for dessert, but occasionally my friends and I will head to our favorite ice cream place and I'll get my favorite vanilla chocolate chip ice cream sandwich. It's such a delicious treat!

What do you eat in a day?


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