Monday, August 3, 2015

3 No-Heat Hairstyles

This past weekend I was at Lollapalooza which was such a blast! But let me tell you, it was hot hot hot! I started each day with my hair down, but as the day progressed I was putting it up because it was way too hot to have it all over me. After the weekend I realized that there were so many awesome heatless hairstyles on Pinterest that I just needed to give a try. Here are three of my absolute favorites! These hairstyles are super quick (because you need zero heat, duh!) and look super cute. And they all get the job done of getting your hair out of your face!

ONE //  One of my friends wore her hair like this on the first day of Lolla and I totally loved it! All you need to do is pull your hair half up half down and then braid all the way end, securing it with an elastic. Then take a small chunk of hair from one side and braid this too. It looks super cute and also keeps your hair out of your face. 
 This hair is so cute and super easy! If you know how to fishtail (if you don't fear not, check out this tutorial!) you're set! Grab a pretty large section of hair and fishtail it back. Secure it with an elastic. Then create a bun of some sort. I really like this super messy one here. Tuck in the braid and maybe add a few bobby pins! & you're done!
If you have long hair this modern twist on the classic ponytail is perfect for you! Gather your hair into a low messy ponytail and secure with an elastic. Start loosely braiding for three to four inches and then tie it off with another elastic. If you're feeling the messy look just pull out some hairs in the front to frame your face.

What are your favorite heatless hairstyles for the end of summer?


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