Monday, August 31, 2015

Fun Things To Do in The Fall

I'm in as much denial as you are that summer is officially over. Although I've been in school for the past two weeks it's still been nice to have warm weekends and celebrate the last few weeks of summer. It's officially September tomorrow though. Although summer is behind us, there is so much to look forward to this fall! We had our first Friday night football game last week and we have another one this Friday! Being a senior on drill team has been such a blast so far and I can't wait to continue to have an amazing season. 

With fall comes natural colors, changing leaves and super fun fall festivities! Last fall I felt that I pretty much accomplished all of the things on my bucket list for fall and this year I want to accomplish even more! Here are a few ideas of fun things to do this fall! Be sure to plan now so you can do them all!

+Go apple picking
Apples are best in the fall and what better way to get some super fresh apples than picking them yourself. I've been strawberry picking before, but haven't gone apple picking yet! I definitely want to head up north to Michigan and check out a few apple farms this fall with friends! And maybe even make an apple pie in my new kitchen!

+Head to a pumpkin patch
For my birthday last year my parents, siblings, one of my cousins and I headed up to New Buffalo, MI, where we used to have a lake house. I loved being back where I used to spend my summers and seeing all the gorgeous fall leaves in Michigan. We had to find a pumpkin patch and after searching for a while we finally found one. It was seriously the cutest thing. See photos here! And baked pumpkin seeds are definitely one of my favorite things in the fall season.

+Go to a haunted house
I can't say I'll do this in the fall because I'm such a wuss, but so many people love going to haunted houses around Halloween time. When I was in seventh grade I went up to a friend's cottage in Michigan and her family friend rented a school bus to drive a bunch of people around to a ton of different haunted houses. Had I not been terrified (and crying) I definitely would have had a blast! They're not for me, but for people who enjoy that thrill they seem to be a ton of fun!

+Watch old Disney movies
Remember when Disney Channel original movies were pure gold? Yeah, I miss them too. I can't wait for the fall to watch Twitches, all of the Halloweentown's and Hocus Pocus! Honestly that is one of my favorite things about the fall time. Oh and you can't forget ABC Family's 13 Nights of Halloween!

What are you excited for this fall season?


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  1. I watch Hocus Pocus at least three times every year! It is quite a tradition. I am excited for all the fall colors and let's not forget the pumpkin flavored and scented things.

    Mikayla | A Seersucker State of Mind.