Friday, August 28, 2015


Oh hey there. I've been quite MIA the past week, mainly due to exhaustion and trying to keep up with  my first full week of senior year. I'm hoping my workload doesn't greatly increase these next few weeks and that I'm able to consistently post. 

Anyways, my school year is starting off great! I switched around a couple classes and I could't be happier with my schedule! Although I am taking a lot of AP courses my schedule is broken up with frequent breaks throughout the day. Not to mention a super fun bocce tournament we have going on with the kids I sit with at lunch!

Tonight is the first football game and I'm so excited! Being a senior on drill team is so bittersweet, but I'm eager to make the most of each game/practice to have a fantastic season. Football games have to be my absolute favorite part of the year. There's something so exciting about performing under the lights and wearing our super cute uniforms!

Here are a few things I've been loving this week!

+If you didn't get a chance to shop Krass & Co's sale last week you definitely should do a bit of shopping now! I'm obsessed with my newest pair!

+Feeling uninspired? This post from the archives of The College Prepster offers 50 different blog post ideas!

+I love this article of advice from 7 girl bosses -- a must read for girls looking to take over the workplace!

+I'm adoring Sammy's post about her endeavors at USC especially this one on how to be a more productive student

+How cute is this outfit from Caroline? I'm shocked those shorts are from Old Navy!

Have a great weekend and don't forget to relax!


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