Tuesday, August 4, 2015

The Best Things To Do In the Morning

I was recently reading a blog pot about five things to do in the morning to properly "seize the day" and was totally inspired to write this post. These are the things that if I do them in the morning I find make my day so much better!

+1. Hydrate!
I know everyone says to do this, but seriously it's so important. I know water can taste totally gross when you first wake up, but drinking a large glass will really kickstart your metabolism and boost your energy. My sister isn't a huge fan of water so she always infuses it with fruit to give it a little more taste!

+2. Stretch it out. 
Doing some yoga or just basic stretches in the morning gets your muscles going and makes you feel less groggy. Even if it's just a few basic stretches (& you're even still in bed) it's better than doing nothing. I stretch at dance every day, but I find stretching out a bit in the morning really gets my body going. 

+3. Chow down.
I am always the type of person to skip breakfast, but I find that when I eat a balanced breakfast I have so much more energy throughout the day. During the school year the main reason why I skip out on it is because I like to sleep in as late as possible, but planning out a delicious breakfast the night before will totally motivate you to get up and make yourself some food!

+4. Get moving!
I'm always the one to say "Oh, I'll workout later today." but seriously, when does that ever happen? If I get up and relax for a bit to start my morning and workout right after my day is already so much more productive. It's nice to be lazy in the summer sometimes and sleep in/lounge, but getting up and getting active is truly going to help you kickstart your day.

+5. Inspire yourself.
I recently made a wall of fun art from Pinterest with inspiring sayings on it. I rearranged my room a bit, but before it was in clear view from where I slept. That way when I woke up I would see these quotes and be totally inspired to get up and get sh** done! Also, try setting your phone wallpaper as something inspiring because we all know you're sure to look at that first thing in the morning!

+6. Take a time out.
I'm always the one to get on social media right after I wake up to see what I missed while I was asleep. But sometimes there's something so peaceful about relaxing and not focusing on what everyone else is/was doing. If you're into it, try writing, journaling or drawing first thing in the morning. You can write about something as simple as what happened the day before, or write down goals you wish to accomplish! It's totally up to you!

Oh and don't forget to lounge in your PJ's for as long as possible in the morning...especially if they're cute!

What are your favorite things to do in the morning?


  1. Ah love this! Mornings are the best!!

    xoxo, Mal

    1. Especially when you get up a little earlier to relax! Xo!