Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Hoco Recap

This past weekend was my homecoming dance and sadly my last one. Overall I think homecoming is pretty much just stressful, but once the night began it actually turned out to be a fun night.

I was seriously obsessed with my dress this year and I think floral was a huge trend, at my school at least. I liked that it was long sleeves and of course my favorite color, navy! I got my hair done the day of the dance at Drybar, aka my favorite place ever. The vibe in there is just so positive and the staff is always so friendly and accommodating. It's also so nice to not have to worry about getting your hair to look good because you know exactly what it will look like when you leave the salon.

Here are a few photos from the night! Oh and can we talk about my obsession with Ava's dress (my friend in the first photo!). Seriously the cutest thing, ever!

Are you excited for homecoming/if you already had yours, how was it?

Tuesday, September 29, 2015


Currently I'm really feeling the seniority. Everyone told me junior year would be rough, but no one mentioned that senior year would be just as stressful, maybe even more. My classes this year are overall easy (even though the majority are AP's lol), but it's really the college apps that are getting to me. 

I never felt totally on top of things, but recently I've felt that there is just so much to do. As I began writing essays, curating my Common App and finalizing my list of schools I'm applying to I really started to feel the pressure. For so long it felt that college was so far in the future, but everything's happening so quickly and the future isn't so far away.

I pictured senior year like High School Musical 3, complete with my own rendition of Troy Bolton. Yet I'm discovering that this portion of the school year is extremely crucial to my future and that focusing on college apps is the important thing to be doing right now. I've quickly gotten caught up in the excitement of senior year and all the festivities, but I think taking a step back and looking at the big picture of everything really helps keep my focus. 

Although college apps are extremely stressful and I'm surely feeling the heat, I think just focusing on applying and nothing else right now is the best thing to do. By this I mean not picturing where I'll be accepted, or sadly, denied and only focusing on submitting my best essays and trying to give colleges the best picture of me. And as soon as the letters start rolling out in the new year I'll figure out exactly where I want to go to school. 

How's your school year going?
Monday, September 28, 2015

{Outfit} Military Dress

When J.Crew Factory was having an amazing sale a few weeks back my best friend and I both purchased this dress, but were a bit hesitant about it. We totally loved the color, but felt weird about the shirt style neckline. Yet, we both have managed to wear it already and totally love it!

Obviously the color is just so "fall", but I love the scalloped edge on the skirt of the dress. It's such a simple piece, but looks so perfect paired with riding boots, and, if it was a bit chillier, a scarf! It's also super comfy, but beware because it's a bit short on us taller gals (I'm 5'9" and Jane's 5'10"!). 

Oh and I got my hair done at Drybar for homecoming and the next morning I couldn't believe my curls were still in tact. That's the second time I've been to Drybar and it's such an amazing place! The overall experience is just so fun! It's a bit of a journey from my house, but I was so happy to meet up with my sister at the salon because she lives so close to it!

shirt dress // bracelet // earrings // boots (similar)

Friday, September 25, 2015


Tonight's the homecoming game and I'm so excited! This game is always super hyped and as a performer it's all the more fun when you have a large audience. And our dance is so fab, if I do say so myself. 

I'm not all that excited for the dance, just because everything hasn't been completely sorted out, but nonetheless I'm still hoping to have a good time. I am excited to wear my dress though and get all dolled up. Especially because I'm getting my hair blown out at Drybar, aka the best place ever! If you haven't tried it yet you seriously must! It's the cutest salon, complete with all appliances and accents being bright yellow. I haven't decided on a style yet, but I'm going to ask my stylist what she thinks when I arrive for my appointment.

Here are a few fun things I've found this week

+I really love this post from the Undeniable Report about finding the right school for you; it definitely feels fitting with the stress I'm feeling regarding college applications

+Additionally, if you missed HerCampus & McDonald's video webcast all about college you have to see it! I can't even tell you how much I learned from the broadcast. Check it out here! It's so worth your time I promise!

+Improve your Instagram feed by reading this article

+I'm so excited to be a high school ambassador for HerCampus this year! I've been checking out their site more in depth recently and they have so much incredible content that you need to check out. Complete with the best Chuck Bass' moments

+I'm in love with Caitlin's skirt in this outfit post!

Have an exciting weekend!

Thursday, September 24, 2015

{A Guide To} Homecoming

Homecoming is quickly approaching! Mine is this weekend (ahh!)! Being a senior I feel like I know the ins and outs of the dance and what works/what doesn't. Obviously this guide pertains more to my school in particular, but I'm sure that the majority of my advice will apply to practically every school. 

The Game
My school has the homecoming game the night before the dance and it's always so fun! Obviously I perform at the football games, but if your school has a homecoming game I highly suggest you attend. The game is always super hyped because it's the night before the dance and I'm sure the majority of the school will be there!

The Dress
With Homecoming the main thing I like to consider is style and comfort. You will be wearing this dress for quite some time so plan accordingly. I saw so many girls at Prom last year that were constantly adjusting their dresses and not being able to dance because their dresses were restricting. I hope to avoid this at all costs because overall the point of the dance is to, well, dance. Opt for something casual, yet dressy. In past years I've worn pretty neutral dresses, all with hints of gold. Always go for something you think is a little different though, that way you'll stand out from the rest.

If no one is offering to host pictures, offer your home! I've always gone to pictures at other people's houses, but would totally offer my house if no one else did. The way I feel about pictures is the more the, the merrier. It's so much fun to have a big group for pictures because then you get a nice mix of people you can take pictures with. If you're hosting I'd suggest having a few drink/snack options at your home for the guests. At my school in particular no one goes to country clubs or anything before the dance, but at some schools this seems to be a common option.

This is definitely the most important thing about homecoming. My freshman year we had a big group of girls go to the dance together and then we went out to dinner, then to my house for a birthday sleepover. It ended up being so fun. A lot of kids that are freshman/sophomores tend to rent party buses to head downtown after the dance, but the upperclassmen often go to parties after the dance. The best advice I can offer is get a solid group together and agree on what you want to do after. The biggest struggle is trying to figure out who's going where/doing what after homecoming, but it's super simple if you have a solid group and all agreed on what you want to do!

The Essentials
So now you've got all that down...what do you need? Here are the essentials for a smooth homecoming.

+get your nails done -- gel works best because there is no risk for it to chip
+hair -- decide if you're going to do it yourself or get it done and make appointments early
+shoes -- choose something that will be comfortable enough for pics
+clutch -- I haven't brought a bag in years past, but if you feel it's necessary use one that matches your dress

What are you doing for homecoming this year?

Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Autumn Has Arrived

Yesterday was the first official day of fall and although the weather isn't fall-ish I still can't help but get into the spirit of fall. Riding boots, sweaters, bonfires and vests are coming our way! I used to hate dressing for fall, but honestly I love it so much now! Especially because I hate wearing summer clothes to school. Dresses and a backpack? No thanks. Here's to the coziest season of all!
Here's what's on my bucket list:

+go apple picking
+explore a corn maze
+head to a pumpkin patch
+try a pumpkin spice latte
+host a bonfire

What are you eager to do this fall?

Tuesday, September 22, 2015

4 Homecoming Dress Ideas

My homecoming is this Saturday. I'm feeling a little sad because this is my last homecoming dance, but honestly each year homecoming hasn't been all that special. I'm determined to make the dance and before/after parts super fun this year though. The main issue with hoco tends to be friend groups and figuring out what to do after and I'm still working out the kinks with that one. I got my dress in the mail yesterday and I love it so much. I'll be sure to do a homecoming recap including pictures of my dress and all. Until then here are a few ideas for your homecoming dress. I tend to stick to neutrals when it comes to homecoming, but I've also been a huge fan of bright pinks and reds!

Hoco Dresses

one // two // three // four

I actually ended up ordering the two piece set in maroon as a potential option and I have to say it's so cute in person. It's a little scandalous with the top being cropped, but the lace covers it and it looks so good on. I just liked my other dress so much that I had to pick it.

What are you wearing to homecoming this year?

Monday, September 21, 2015

6 Outerwear Pieces For Fall

With the cooler weather headed our way it's safe to say more layers will be needed. Last year I made the mistake of not purchasing a new fall jacket and boy was that a huge regret. I ended up wearing my quilted vest from J.Crew practically every day, but I was in dire need of an everyday fall jacket.  Because I wore my vest so much last year I'm highly considering buying another quilted vest. I'm just not a huge fan of the colors J.Crew is offering this year. Here are six of my top favorite outwear pieces of this season.
6 Outerwear Pieces for Fall

one // two // three // four // five // six

What's your favorite outerwear piece to wear in the fall?

Friday, September 18, 2015


Seriously, TGIF! Is it just me or has this been the longest week ever? I'm utterly exhausted, but I don't know how much sleep I'll be getting this weekend. I'm headed to Michigan to see a Notre Dame game with a friend this weekend and I couldn't be more excited! Also, the weather is supposed to cool down a bit so that's even more exciting! I had a college essay due for English this week so I'm happy to get a few of those essays out of the way to make my applications go even smoother. I've totally been slacking (and stressing) on college apps this week, but am hoping to spend Sunday afternoon getting some out of the way.

Next weekend is my homecoming and I'll be sure to share with you my dress choice once it's picked! Homecoming is the earliest it's ever been this year, but I'm still super excited to go--this being my last year. I'll be sure to show you a few different homecoming dress options next week. I hope you all have an amazing weekend!

+According to Vogue you need a pair of Levi 501's in your life

+So obsessed with Fran's outfit post this week. I may just have to purchase that dress!

+Gap has so many autumnal new arrivals and I'm so pumped to shop their new pieces

+I've always wanted to rush a sorority when I got to college but Sammy's post convinced me even more!

+Find out which Gossip Girl character you are--I got Serena!

+I mentioned yesterday I'm in dire need of some basics and I'm definitely using HerCampus' advice on where to purchase!

+You know fall's coming when there is pumpkin spice everything

Thursday, September 17, 2015

Just The Basics

On a typical day for school I do a bit of searching on Pinterest the night before or the morning of school for a little outfit inspiration. After the first few weeks of school I become so overwhelmed on simply what to wear to school. Does anyone really care? Probably not, but I do! And I swear that every time I look on Pinterest all I see are the same things...quality denim, basic colors, and everyday tees. I've also realized that I don't even have some of the most basic things in my wardrobe that I should. The other day I wanted to wear a loose fitting white tee and some distressed jeans, but could not find a white t-shirt anywhere in my closet. As simple as these pieces are, I seem to be missing a ton of them! I definitely need to do an essentials shopping spree to purchase new denim and some basic shirts. That way I can pull together plenty of different looks, with so much ease. Here's what I'm envisioning...

Wednesday, September 16, 2015

{Outfit} Cooler Temps

The weather cooled down last week here in Chicago, but of course this week decided to return to temperatures in the mid 80s. I thoroughly enjoyed wearing jeans, long sleeves and a few more layers last week. After a very hot summer it's so refreshing to be able to wear pants or a sweater. I'm a little torn because I will for sure miss wearing running shorts and t-shirts, but I think I'll just transition to leggings and t-shirts.

I purchased this striped tee from the Nordstrom sale for under $20 and it has been such a great purchase. For such a low price you really can't beat it. I like it because it has a nice cut--being a little longer in the back--and it's my absolute favorite color. And what girl can't resist some stripes? I've been in dire need of a new fall shoe however. These Sperry's have been through thick and thin with me and I think it's time they headed for the garbage. Any suggestions? I'm open to anything!

What's your go-to outfit for cooler weather?

Tuesday, September 15, 2015

15 Things You Might Not Know About Me

So I was reading Gracey's blog just yesterday and was so inspired to copy her and write this post. I totally loved her idea and absolutely adored reading the facts about her. We all reach some point when we want to know just a little bit more about our favorite bloggers and this is a great way to do it. Here are fifteen things you might not know about me.

1. I am very content in spending a lot of time alone.

2. I love being on my phone, but it is constantly dead or lost so I tend to be out of the loop half of the time. 

3. As bad as the Disney shows get you'll always catch me watching them.

4. Taco Bell baja blasts are my sh**.

5. I can spend hours on end watching YouTube videos. Oh, and I used to make music videos back in the seventh grade.

6. I'm a total night owl. You'll never find me awake before 10 am on the weekends.

7. I've recently become obsessed with watercolors.

8. Spring & summer are my favorite seasons.

9. Sea Island, GA is one of my favorite places on earth.

10. I have a wide taste in music. I'm talking equal love for Los Lonely Boys, Fetty Wap and Hannah Montana.

11. My absolute favorite song is "Chances" by Five For Fighting.

12. My favorite food will always be chicken tenders.

13. My favorite number is thirteen.

14. I hate when people copy me. Ugh, it's so irritating.

15. My nicknames include Noodler, Kmay and Kate. 

What's something interesting about you?


Monday, September 14, 2015

My Blogroll

Before I even considered started a blog I was always super into reading blogs. Of course I still love reading them! Aside from making connections online via other blogs, I love looking for inspiration and also hearing what other bloggers have to say. I always keep my favorite blogs tabbed on my computer so I can check them daily! Here are my favorite blogs to read!

 The College Prepster
 The main reason I love Carly's blog is because it's super personal. When fashion blogs go professional a lot of them seem to get less about writing and more just about the style. Obviously everyone has their own branding, but I just love that Carly continues to write about her life, relationship and also style.
Gal Meets Glam
I know I'm not the only one when I say that Julia has the best style. I swear her closet is just perfection! And every outfit she puts together is just flawless. Not to mention her photos are insanely stunning. Her husband is a photographer so no doubt she's going to have amazing photos. 

 Mornings with Mallory
I recently discovered Mallory's blog, but I'm seriously in love. She posts so many amazing DIY's and lifestyle posts. I think her blog has a little bit of everyone which guarantees her a widespread audience. Also, she is seriously the cutest & the sweetest!
 Citrus & Style
I've been a fan of Caroline's blog for quite some time now and though time has passed it has only increased my love for her blog. The main thing I love about Caroline's blog is the fact that she writes about so many things. I swear this girl can write about anything and I would love it! She also has an amazing sense of style and posts the cutest outfits.
 The Blonde Prep
Frannie's blog was actually the first blog I ever read, and the blog that inspired me to make my own. I had known Frannie a few years back and was so amazed that she started something so cool. What I love about Fran's blog is that she writes exactly how she talks. After I saw Fran in NYC a few summers back I was reading her blog a few days later and could picture herself saying the exact words she wrote. Not to mention she has amazing style and pieces.
I also had the pleasure of meeting Sammy as well and she is seriously the sweetest. I love her blog so much too! She writes really awesome advice posts about everything from dealing with high school, being more productive and just overall life tips!
Lilly & Lemons
I was a huge fan of Ashley's old blog, but I'm even more obsessed with her newest blog. She is just such a driven young women and you can entirely tell through her blog. She posts a lot about blogging tips and how to grow your brand. I totally look for advice on her site about improving my blog as well!

I'm excited to hear...what blogs do you read daily?

Friday, September 11, 2015


This week has been the shortest, yet longest feeling week ever. I had a three day weekend last weekend, then a three day week and now another three day weekend. I sure could get used to this, but sadly it's all over next week. I've enjoyed my days off though, and needed them as drill has been making me super sore. This weekend I'm hoping to finalize my list of colleges I'm applying to and write a few essays. I'm taking college english this year and it has been such a major help in forcing me to write college essays and actually get graded on them. Right now my main issue is that I'm still a little lost on where I really want to go to school. My task is simple though, apply. After I apply and find out where I get in then comes the tough part of making the final decision.

Enough will all of that stressful college stuff! Here are five exciting things to try this weekend!

1. Bored with your current hairstyle? Try out this easy boho braid for back to school. I'm already frustrated with wearing the same hairstyles on a day to day basis and this style is something easy & quick enough, but still intricate!

2. If you don't have business cards for your blog yet I'd highly suggest making some. This tutorial from Ashley is fantastic! She makes it so easy to make your own business cards quickly and easily!

3. Spend your Saturday trying out a new morning routine. I'm definitely not a morning person, but have been working on getting a consistent amount of sleep each night and not just getting 4 hours one night and 9 the next. Here are morning routines from successful women that you should give a try!

4. Get your workout in, also while getting in a quick gossip sesh! Going to the gym with a friend is so much more motivating than going there on your own. Here's a circuit workout built for two to try out with a friend this weekend!

5. I'm a huge fan of Mexican food and with my new kitchen I've been itching to try a few new recipes. These tacos are #1 on my list. They look so delicious!

Have a great weekend!

Thursday, September 10, 2015

Blogger Bliss {Belle of the Ball}

I discovered Abby from Belle of the Ball on Instagram a while back and instantly fell in love with her feed (I mean how could you not). I quickly discovered she had a blog of her own and decided to check it out! Her site is seriously so cute and her photos are amazing. If you haven't seen Abby yet, I'd be utterly shocked. Her photos are all over Pinterest, Tumblr, Instagram and Twitter! I'm convinced she lives the epitome of the perfect east coast American lifestyle, complete with a closet full of Lilly, Vineyard Vines and Ralph Lauren. She's super preppy and I totally love it! And can I just take a second to talk about her hair! It's so pretty! I swear no matter how she styles it it looks outstanding. 

Have you read Belle of the Ball?

Wednesday, September 9, 2015

August Favorites {Video!}

Yep you read that title right! A video! I'm so excited to share with you my favorites from the month of August, this time in video format! I've done a few videos before, but nothing consistently. Fun fact: I actually used to make music videos (lol) in like seventh grade and totally loved editing them. I've rediscovered my love for making videos so expect a few more coming your way. Maybe an office tour? Let me know if you'd like to see that! Without further adieu, my August favorites!

P.S. I may have stumbled upon a ton of old videos on iMovie when editing this. In all seriousness though I legit thought I was a YouTuber in eighth grade and would make videos all the time and just never post them! Oh and my makeup tutorials make me cringe!

Also I realized while editing this video that I rambled on and on a lot--woops! 

What are your August favorites?

Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Welcome September

Oh hey there fall, is that you? We're a week into September and it's feeling a bit bittersweet. I obviously love summer and fall, but it's always a difficult transition. Summer seems to be all fun and games, but fall is back to school, yet there are so many things to look forward to. Last fall I was so great at posting consistently and doing tons of outfit posts. Let's reminisce, shall we?

Last fall also was the time when I chopped off practically all of my hair! I kind of miss my hair being super easy to do everyday, but at the same time now I don't even have to do anything with my hair because it's long enough just to wear natural. This fall I'm excited to do plenty of outfit posts, make my Instagram feed look super autumnal, and have plenty of photoshoots in scenic locations!

What's your favorite thing to do in the fall?

Friday, September 4, 2015


This week seemed a bit long, but it's finally Friday and the long weekend awaits! I'm hoping to go shopping this weekend because I came to the realization that I have absolutely no clothes to wear to school. The past couple years I haven't really gone back to school shopping, but just purchased items more for fall and as they were needed. I went through all of my clothes earlier this summer though and didn't truly realize how many things I got rid of until now. During the summer I tend to wear the same outfits over and over again just because I'm seeing different people. 

Aside from that, tonight we have our second home football game. Fall football games are my absolute favorite thing and I love how spirited all the kids get! Not to mention performing under the lights is just so much fun. Oh, and it's a long weekend. Cheers to the next few days of fun! Here are some links I've been loving.

+I really need your feedback on this site so if you'd kindly answer this survey so I can improve my blog even further! Thanks friends!

+I've already ran out of clothes for the school year so I'm definitely hitting up the J.Crew Factory sale this weekend. 50% off everything!!!

+I'm obsessed with Caroline's dress! It's seriously so cute and super cheap!

+I love this post from Sammy! I've talked about the SelfControl App before, but you can read more in depth on her post!

+Undeniable Report has relaunched! Be sure to check out their site for new (and awesome) posts, but also follow them on all their social media.

+College essays are sneaking up on me and I need to spend the weekend writing at least one. Here's a great study playlist.

+Prep Northwest has moved and I'm totally loving Connie's self-titled blog Constance Browne.

Thursday, September 3, 2015

Fun (& Free) Desktop Wallpapers

I tend to use photos from my camera as my desktop wallpaper, but ever since I deleted my entire iPhoto library by accident I haven't had many photos to choose from! I've scoured the web and found the cutest wallpaper downloads that are totally free. I've also included a couple for your phone too! As my lock screen I usually like it to be a quote or a photo of me/my friends, but for my background photo I like something simple and chic. Here are a few fun wallpapers to download!

Free Wallpaper Downloads

one // two // three // four // five

P.S. Link #2 has so many aesthetically pleasing watercolor wallpapers. I'm seriously obsessed with them all!

What's your current wallpaper?

Wednesday, September 2, 2015

{Outfit} Americana Shorts

If you haven't already heard I'm a brand rep for Krass & Co. this year and I couldn't be more excited. Seriously Krass & Co. has the best products. Talk about comfort and style! I purchased these shorts from their end of summer sale and ended up snagging them for 50% off! If you don't own anything from K&C I suggest you get something ASAP! Their products are seriously the most comfortable and versatile things ever. These shorts are more comfortable than even my old favorite pair of shorts. The material is different than the Nike Dri-Fit shorts, but the overall structure is the same. Krass & Co. shorts are much more flattering though! Their entire motto is about being athletic and sporty, but also maintaining your GPA and putting academics first.

If you're eager to purchase something from Krass & Co. click here to get 15% off your order!!!

Shop these shorts here!

Do you own anything from Krass & Co.?

Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Fall Lusts

You're probably thinking, "It's way to early for fall posts!" And you're probably right, but I'm just way too excited to pull out my sweaters and boots to not start posting right at the start of September. Yes, you read that right! Today marks the first day of September. Although this week the summer temps have come back and we're expecting 90 degree weather throughout the week I can't help but dream of jeans, vests and boots. Trust me, I love summer just as much as the next girl, but I'm a little over the unbearable heat. Plus, summer clothes just aren't my favorite for school. Dresses and skirts are always frustrating while wearing a backpack.

I just can't wait to pull on jeans, a sweater and bean boots on a chilly fall morning! These are the items I've been lusting over this season.

Fall Lusts

What are you loving this fall?