Thursday, September 24, 2015

{A Guide To} Homecoming

Homecoming is quickly approaching! Mine is this weekend (ahh!)! Being a senior I feel like I know the ins and outs of the dance and what works/what doesn't. Obviously this guide pertains more to my school in particular, but I'm sure that the majority of my advice will apply to practically every school. 

The Game
My school has the homecoming game the night before the dance and it's always so fun! Obviously I perform at the football games, but if your school has a homecoming game I highly suggest you attend. The game is always super hyped because it's the night before the dance and I'm sure the majority of the school will be there!

The Dress
With Homecoming the main thing I like to consider is style and comfort. You will be wearing this dress for quite some time so plan accordingly. I saw so many girls at Prom last year that were constantly adjusting their dresses and not being able to dance because their dresses were restricting. I hope to avoid this at all costs because overall the point of the dance is to, well, dance. Opt for something casual, yet dressy. In past years I've worn pretty neutral dresses, all with hints of gold. Always go for something you think is a little different though, that way you'll stand out from the rest.

If no one is offering to host pictures, offer your home! I've always gone to pictures at other people's houses, but would totally offer my house if no one else did. The way I feel about pictures is the more the, the merrier. It's so much fun to have a big group for pictures because then you get a nice mix of people you can take pictures with. If you're hosting I'd suggest having a few drink/snack options at your home for the guests. At my school in particular no one goes to country clubs or anything before the dance, but at some schools this seems to be a common option.

This is definitely the most important thing about homecoming. My freshman year we had a big group of girls go to the dance together and then we went out to dinner, then to my house for a birthday sleepover. It ended up being so fun. A lot of kids that are freshman/sophomores tend to rent party buses to head downtown after the dance, but the upperclassmen often go to parties after the dance. The best advice I can offer is get a solid group together and agree on what you want to do after. The biggest struggle is trying to figure out who's going where/doing what after homecoming, but it's super simple if you have a solid group and all agreed on what you want to do!

The Essentials
So now you've got all that down...what do you need? Here are the essentials for a smooth homecoming.

+get your nails done -- gel works best because there is no risk for it to chip
+hair -- decide if you're going to do it yourself or get it done and make appointments early
+shoes -- choose something that will be comfortable enough for pics
+clutch -- I haven't brought a bag in years past, but if you feel it's necessary use one that matches your dress

What are you doing for homecoming this year?



  1. It must be so fun getting pampered! Love all your tips! Unfortunately, I don't have a homecoming, because I am homeschooled. It sounds like so much fun!
    Mikayla | A Seersucker State of Mind.

    1. Aw too bad you can't go. Homecoming is such a fun night, but truly the dance isn't that great! Xo!